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7 Steps to Accelerated Wealth: A Fast-track Introduction to Accelerated Wealth Building Through Property Investment


This is an enlightening book. I only wish it had crossed my literary menu 10 years ago. I would have been much the wiser and wealthier.

Ian Leslie

Corporate communicator and broadcast journalist

Want to learn how to use property to make $1 million — from scratch — in one year? Then 7 Steps to Accelerated Wealth is the book for you!

In entertaining, easy-to-read style author John L Fitzgerald shares his seven key principles of building wealth through property investment. Filled with examples of John’s successes, and useful tips and insights, this practical guide to active wealth building will put you on the fast track to making money from property.

Inside, you’ll discover how to:

• build an ‘A team’ of professional support

• identify undervalued properties and realise their full potential

• harness market demand by targeting the need

• ‘buy’ time to work on a property without buying the property

• plan exit strategies

• use other people’s money to finance your investments.

This informative and inspirational book is a must-read for anyone who has a desire to make a difference in their life and to their finances.

John Fitzgerald is the author of two books - Seven Steps To Wealth and We Can Be Heroes(self published). He has educated thousands of ordinary Australians on how to build wealth (even to become millionaires).
Acknowledgements vi

Foreword vii

Introduction ix

Who is John L Fitzgerald? xv

Part I: starting points

1 Have you got what it takes? 3

2 Finding your focus 21

3 Back to basics 35

4 Active (or accelerated) wealth 57

Part II: seven steps to accelerated wealth

5 Step 1: build an A team 69

6 Step 2: identify intrinsic value 81

7 Step 3: target the need 99

8 Step 4: creatively control the asset 115

9 Step 5: check the exits 123

10 Step 6: use other people's money 137

11 Step 7: enter the fl ow 153

Part III: putting it all together

12 $1 million in one year 167

What's next? 183

Appendix 185

Index 189