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Buying a Car For Dummies


All the information necessary to get a fair deal … comprehensive, clear, and easy to follow. — Ralph Vartabedian, "Your Wheels" Columnist, Los Angeles Times "[This book] will save some readers money, time, and maybe their sanity. First-time buyers and even seasoned car owners will find helpful hints here." — Library Journal

Make It a Smooth Ride… If the idea of buying a new car is driving you mad, then let this dependable guide steer you in the right direction! Using clear explanations and road-tested advice, renowned consumer advocate Deanna Sclar covers all avenues of buying and owning a car, from negotiating a fair price to finding reliable insurance to saving money on routine servicing. So, park your anxieties — with Buying A Car For Dummies®, you're always in the driver's seat! Get the Most Mileage Out of Your Dollar

  • Calculate how much your current car really costs you
  • Weight the pros and cons of buying new or used
  • Get the best trade-in, resale, or donation value for your vehicle
  • Pick out a cherry and avoid the lemons — expert advice for buying a reliable used car
  • Determine what features and options you really need in a new car
  • Get the straight scoop on financing or leasing your car
  • Find an insurance policy and company you can trust
  • Protect your automotive assets — from steering wheel locks to full-blown security systems
Complete Guide to the Perils and Pitfalls of Renting a Car Included!

About Deanna Sclar Deanna Sclar, a leading auto repair expert and consumer spokesperson, has appeared on more than 700 radio and TV programs including Good Morning America, Today, and A.M. Los Angeles. She has contributed to such magazines as Family Circle, New Woman, and Redbook and is the author of the perennial bestseller Auto Repair For Dummies??.

PART I: New or Used: Deciding Which Option Is Best.

Chapter 1: Making the Right Decision.

Chapter 2: Figuring Out How Much Your Current Car Costs.

PART II: Auto Recycling without Tears: How to Buy a Good Used Car and Get Rid of Your Own.

Chapter 3: Good Places to Find Used Vehicles.

Chapter 4: What to Look for When Buying a Used Car.

Chapter 5: Shopping for Value and Negotiating the Deal.

Chapter 6: Saying Good-Bye to Old Faithful.

PART III: Untried and True: Buying a New Car.

Chapter 7: Deciding What You Want.

Chapter 8: Finding and Testing a New Car.

Chapter 9: Getting the Best Deal on a New Vehicle.

PART IV: Money, Money, Money, Money.

Chapter 10: Should You Borrow, Buy, or Lease?.

Chapter 11: Buying a Car with Your Own -- or Someone Else's -- Money.

Chapter 12: The Perils and Pleasures of Leasing.

PART V: Insuring Your Car: How to Cover Your Automotive Assets.

Chapter 13: My Premium Is How Much? -- Shopping for Insurance.

Chapter 14: Step-by-Step through an Insurance Policy.

Chapter 15: How to Protect Your Insurance Claim When Things Go Wrong.

PART VI: Protecting Your Investment.

Chapter 16: Warranties and Service Contracts on New and Used Vehicles.

Chapter 17: Beating the Bad Guys at Their Own Games.

Chapter 18: Finding a Good Repair Facility (And What to Do If You're Ripped Off Anyway).

Chapter 19: Renting a Car.

PART VII: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 20: Ten Things Not to Do During Negotiations.

Chapter 21: Ten Great Automotive Web Sites.


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