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Finance: A Fine Art


\"Like a true Master in Fine Arts, Michel Fleuriet is able to combine a great historical culture with a deep technical background to give us a brilliant and synthetic view of the fundamentals driving financial markets. This book should be a reference in a troubled period where everyone, from the non professional investor to the sophisticated professional, needs to go back to basics!" Henri de Castries, Chairman of the Management Board and CEO, Axa

"As only a talented teacher and seasoned professional can, Fleuriet makes the understanding of capital markets and complex financial instruments unbelievably easy. What a tour de force! So-called financial innovations are given a unique historical perspective that stresses their critical importance since the origin of trade. This book is an absolute must for the novice and should be required reading for all traders, portfolio managers and investment bankers." Michel Crouhy, Head of Business Analytic Solutions, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

"This is a book that every practitioner should take with him to a desert island. Fleuriet does a beautiful job of blending market expertise from around the world, looking at the historic view as well as up-to-date theoretical developments. He presents strong ideas and interesting opinions to explain the present and explore the future. This book takes a truly global and novel approach to economics." Jerome P. Kenney, EVP and Vice Chairman, Merrill Lynch & Co.

MICHEL FLEURIET holds a PhD in finance from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. His distinguished financial career has included posts as President of Chase Manhattan France; CEO of Merrill Lynch France; and Chairman of HSBC France until 2001. He was for many years a professor of finance at HEC and holds a PhD in law from the University of Paris. He is a member of the Council of Euronext Paris.
Foreword by Sheldon Gordon.

The marketplace.

The mechanics of financial markets.


The future is the field of play.

The price of stocks.

The derivatives markets.

My word is my bond.

The issuers of financial instruments.

The investors.