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From Wall Street to the Great Wall: How to Invest in China


In today's business world, China is universally regarded as the sleeping giant, with "Made in China" appearing on everything from appliances to automobiles. Even as you read these words, investors who know where to look—and what to look for—are reaping fortunes.

From Wall Street to the Great Wall is your insider's guidebook to investing in the new China. A step by step template on how to invest directly in China's booming economy while minimizing overseas market complexity and risk, this authoritative book provides you with details on:

  • China's current history, economic trends, and most potentially lucrative investment opportunities
  • Hands-on strategies for safely investing in China now through ETFs, mutual funds, options, and more
  • Techniques for easily, and quickly, getting capital from Western markets to Asian economies

The window of opportunity for Chinese ground-floor investing is closing fast. Let From Wall Street to the Great Wall show you how to make informed, intelligent, and profitable investment decisions in this emerging economic dynasty.

JONATHAN WORRALL is Chairman of Ford Equity Research and CEO of Mergent, Inc., a Xinhua Finance company and leading provider of global business and financial information on publicly traded companies and fixed income securities. Worrall has held senior positions in the financial data and analysis systems and software industries since 1982. He has lived and worked in the U.K., Asia, Australia, and the United States, serving the global investment management and broking community.

PETER O'SHEA is Managing Editor of one of Mergent's leading online products, the Mergent Industry Reports, which cover the current environment for leading companies and profile a range of industries in North America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe. O'Shea has been an editor and journalist since the late 1980s, working for a number of leading publishers. He is currently based in Sydney, Australia.

IVAN CHUNG, CFA, heads Xinhua Finance Credit Ratings, the pioneering project in China that assigns domestic currency ratings to Chinese corporations based on international standards. Mr. Chung has more than ten years of experience in investment and credit research. Prior to joining Xinhua Finance, he was an investment analyst in the Structured and Acquisition Finance Division with Jardine Fleming, specializing in credit risk analysis. He also has experience investing in Asian corporate debt securities. He is a committee member of the Best Practices Committee in the Association of Credit Rating Agencies in Asia, sponsored by the Asian Development Bank.

Foreword: Investing in China by Ivan Chung, CFA.


Introduction: The New Face of World Economics.

Part I A Premise for a New World View.

CHAPTER 1 An Economic History of China.

CHAPTER 2 Worldwide Change and the Globalization of Investments.

CHAPTER 3 Economic Forces at Work.

CHAPTER 4 Emerging Investment Themes: Global Supply and Demand.

CHAPTER 5 Stock Markets: Domestic and International.

Part II Methods and Strategies in the New Market.

CHAPTER 6 An Investor’s Road Map into China.

CHAPTER 7 Developing a China Strategy.

CHAPTER 8 An Analysis of Chinese Stocks and Funds.

CHAPTER 9 The World of Tomorrow.

CHAPTER 10 Research in the New Global Investment Environment.

Appendix: Information Sources and Research Tools.