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Frontier: Exploring the Top Ten Emerging Markets of Tomorrow


 Get ahead of emerging markets with top-performer picks for up-and-comers

Frontier helps investors successfully navigate markets that are yet to “emerge,” with expert advice on spotting opportunities and minimising risks. With first-hand insights into frontier markets as we travel with big-name fund managers from Mark Mobius to Morgan Stanley, this practical guide ranks countries, stocks, and bonds on a five- to ten-year horizon to steer investors toward the most promising destinations. Written in a compelling and accessible travelogue/ travelog narrative , each chapter covers a specific country, providing invaluable market analysis and a deep understanding of the political, economic, and social background of those most likely to outperform. The key focus is on fresh ideas, based on the assessments from top performing money managerswhen meeting challenges, hostilities, or adversity, and observations after interviewing high-level government officials and executives.

With advanced economies shackled by debt and sluggish growth, investors are increasingly turning to emerging markets for better returns. Yet the money managers who came out on top in China, India, and Brazil are now focusing their attention on markets that have not yet emerged. This book applies the perspective of ten of the most successful fund managers in their field, providing an unparalleled guide to assessing investment potential in places better known for conflict, poverty, and corruption.

· Discover which markets have the best prospects, and which are potential disasters

· Analyse individual markets by metrics including macro data, global relative value comparisons of stocks and bonds, buy/ sell triggers, and more

· Learn which industries, stocks and bonds should be considered in each market

· Examine each country through real-life on-the-ground assessment of corruption, conflict and other risks as well as inspirational breakthroughs that signal opportunities

This is a practical manual for all investors - whether students or professionals - wanting to get to know the most promising new markets while avoiding the pitfalls. A must-read for corporate executives seeking global capital, Frontier provides a better understanding of the changing international investment dynamic.


Robin Wigglesworth, FT:


 Mark Mobius, Templeton:

“I love it! Beautiful descriptive writing.”

 Aliko Dangote, Wealthiest African:

“Captivating tales, masterly woven.”

About the Author



Introduction to Frontier
Mark Mobius

Chapter 1: Kenya

I - Mamboz

II - Can’t Believe You’re Going to Kenya

III - Sleeping Serpent

IV - Prowling Leopard

V - Clinker

Chapter 2: Myanmar

I - Halcyon Days

II - Uncle

III - Yoma

IV - Son

V - Gaung Baung

VI - Monk of Mandalay

Chapter 3: Romania

I - Ro-man-ee-a!

II - Systematization

III - Brown Envelopes

IV - Mega Mall

V - Drac-u-la

VI - Crossroads

Chapter 4: Argentina

I - Arbolitos

II - Del Fin Del Mundo

III - Vaca Meurta

IV - Adelante

Chapter 5: Vietnam

I - Confucius

II - Aristotle

III - Panacea

IV - Equitization

V - Automaton

VI - From Noodles

Chapter 6: Nigeria

I - Eko Beach

II - Crude Politics

III - Sugar King

Chapter 7: Egypt

I - Revolution II

II - Cleopatra

III - Sahl Hasheesh

IV - Audacity of Hope

V - Zahma!

Chapter 8: Saudi Arabia

I - Virtue and Vice

II - Socialist Monarchy

III - Desert Farming

IV - Opening Bell

V - White Balloons

Chapter 9: Sri Lanka

I - Family Economy

II - China City

III - Pawn

IV - Kilinochchi

V - Rising Sun

Chapter 10: Ghana

I - Goatanomics

II - Highlife and Death

III - Gold Diggers

IV - Cassava King

V - Egg and Stone

Conclusion: Journey’s End