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Getting Rich Your Own Way: Achieve All Your Financial Goals Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible


"Save yourself ten years of hard work. Read Brian's powerful book and let him show you the shortcut to success. He'll show you the fastest way for you to get rich."
—Robert Allen bestselling author, Multiple Streams of Income

"Millions of people start with nothing and become wealthy as the result of doing certain things in a certain way, over and over again. This book by Brian Tracy shows you how you can achieve all your financial goals, starting from wherever you are today."
—Jack Canfield coauthor, Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and The Success Principles

"This is the only book you need to read to become wealthy! It is loaded with practical ideas and strategies to propel you onwards and upwards."
—Nido Qubein Chairman, Great Harvest Bread Company, and founder, National Speakers Association Foundation

"Another great book from Brian Tracy. Tangible, practical ideas that will make you money and make you rich!"
—Bill Bachrach President, Bachrach & Associates, Inc.

"Brian Tracy has put together a masterpiece of common sense for getting rich. If you wish a different life, commit now to different actions—read this book!"
—H. J. (Jim) Graham President and CEO, Cyber Broadcast One, Inc.

"Brian Tracy shows you how unlimited wealth starts in the mind, and how anyone can focus their time and energy to earn millions. It's the readable, riveting primer for countless new American fortunes."
—Peter Montoya CEO, Peter Montoya Inc.

Brian Tracy is a successful businessman and one of the top professional speakers in the world. He has started, built, managed, or turned around 22 different businesses. he addresses more than 250,000 people each year throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia.
Brian's Keynote speeches, talks and seminars are customized and tailored for each audience. They are described as "inspiring, entertaining, informative, and motivational." He has worked with more than 500 corporations, given more than 2,000 talks, and addressed over 2,000,000 people.
Some of his talks and seminars include:
  • Leadership in the New Millennium - how to be a more effective leader in every area of business life. Learn the most powerful, practical leadership strategies ever discovered to manage, motivate, and get better results than ever before.
  • 21st Century thinking - how to outthink, outplan, and outperform you competition. Learn how to get superior results in a fast-moving, fast-changing business environment.
  • The Psychology of Peak Performance - how the top people think and act in every area of personal and business life. You learn a series of practical, proven methods and strategies for maximum achievement.


1. Learn How to Become Rich.

2. Become a Money Magnet.

3. Invest for Success.

4. Start with Nothing.

5. Build Your Own Business.

6. Market and Sell Anything.

7. Get the Money You Need.

8. Think and Grow Rich.

9. Learn from the Best.

10. Lead the Field.


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