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How to Create and Manage a Hedge Fund: A Professional's Guide


Praise for How to Create & Manage a Hedge Fund
A Professional's Guide

"True to its title, McCrary provides a clearly written and complete overview of the issues associated with starting and running a hedge fund. And for those outside the hedge fund world, the book's successful marriage of finance theory and market practice with the author's own vast experience makes for an enjoyable and thoroughly informative read."
-Christopher L. Culp, Managing Director, CP Risk Management LLC, and Adjunct Associate Professor of Finance, Graduate School of Business, The University of Chicago

"McCrary has drawn from his experience on Wall Street, LaSalle Street, and at the academy in crafting this encyclopedia for hedge fund managers and advisors. Covering the field in plainspoken business prose, he demystifies the secretive world of collective private investment. Whether you earn your living in finance or law, in accounting or marketing, if the subject is hedge funds, you must read this book."
-Patrick Daugherty, Partner, Foley & Lardner

"Building on his broad experience in the securities and derivatives markets, McCrary offers a well-researched guide to starting and running a hedge fund business . . . he tackles everything from the mundane, like regulations and accounting, to the complex, like investment techniques and risk management, in an articulate and insightful manner . . . a necessary handbook for money managers and investors alike."
-Peter F. Karpen, Managing Member, Diversified Investment Management, LLC

STUART A. McCRARY is a principal with Chicago Partners LLC and specializes in options, mortgage-backed securities, derivatives, and hedge funds. As president of Frontier Asset Management, McCrary created and managed his own hedge fund before joining Chicago Partners. He has also worked as a senior options trader at Fenchurch Capital Management, as vice president in the mortgage department and in proprietary trading at First Boston Corporation, and as a portfolio manager with Comerica Bank. He has taught graduate-level courses in creating and managing a hedge fund at the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business at DePaul University and courses in financial engineering at the Stuart School of Business at the Illinois Institute of Technology. He received his BA and MBA from Northwestern University.


CHAPTER 1: Introduction to Hedge Funds.

CHAPTER 2: Building a Valuable Business.

CHAPTER 3: Types of Hedge Funds.

CHAPTER 4: Types of Hedge Fund Investors.

CHAPTER 5: Hedge Fund Investment Techniques.

CHAPTER 6: Hedge Fund Business Models.

CHAPTER 7: Creating Leverage.

CHAPTER 8: Hedge Fund Business Plans.

CHAPTER 9: Performance Measurement for Hedge Funds.

CHAPTER 10: Legislation and Regulations Affecting Hedge Funds.

CHAPTER 11: Accounting for Hedge Funds.

CHAPTER 12: Tax Reporting for Hedge Funds.

CHAPTER 13: Risk Management for Hedge Funds.

CHAPTER 14: Marketing Hedge Funds.

CHAPTER 15: Derivatives and Hedge Funds.

CHAPTER 16: Lessons Learned from the Hedge Fund Industry.