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Investing for Dummies - UK, 4th UK Edition


Learn to:

  • Make sound investment choices, whatever your budget
  • Minimize the risk of investment gambles
  • Differentiate between the major investment categories
  • Understand the new changes to pensions and ISAs, and keep track of the ultra-low interest rates

Demystify the intimidating world of investing

Think investing is only for the super-rich? Think again! Written in plain English and packed with expert advice, this friendly guide shows you step-by-step how to make sound, sensible investment choices. Whether you're interested in gauging risks and returns or increasing your personal wealth, this book does the groundwork for you.

  • Step onto the money trail — assess your personal wealth, find out how you've probably been investing already and get to know five basic investment choices
  • What makes an investor tick? — understand investor psychology, look at the emotions that drive investors and debunk the 'stock market as a casino' mentality
  • Bonds! Shares and bonds — discover how stock markets work, explore common investor styles, get down to the bottom line on bonds and go for gold and other commodities
  • Put the "I" in investments — get the lowdown on collective investments and pension funds, select the best trust for you, invest in your retirement and hedge your fund bets
  • Property investment 101 — buy to let like a pro with tips on borrowing, mortgages, finding the right location and attracting the right tenants

Open the book and find:

  • Easy-to-follow investment basics
  • How to save without sacrificing
  • Options for paying into a pension plan
  • Investment principles you should never forget
  • How stock markets work
  • The scoop on unit and investment trusts
  • When you should find a financial advisor or broker
  • Random-choice, modern and hybrid portfolio theories
  • Where to turn for further trusted guidance

Tony Levene writes on issues ranging from investments to tax to consumer rights and financial fraud. He has been a financial journalist for national newspapers for nearly 40 years, including 12 years at The Guardian. He has also contributed to magazines and investment websites, and commented on financial matters for BBC TV, BBC Radio and other radio stations.

Introduction  1

Part I: Getting Started with Investing 5

Chapter 1: First Steps on the Money Trail  7

Chapter 2: Checking Your Personal Life Before You Invest  23

Chapter 3: Recognising What Makes an Investor Tick  33

Chapter 4: Squaring Risks with Returns  45

Chapter 5: Being Aware of Small Print - and of Print that Isn’t There  59

Part II: Shares, Bonds and Other Investibles  71

Chapter 6: Comprehending How Stock Markets Work  73

Chapter 7: Taking the Cat walk Route to Investment Success  93

Chapter 8: Investing in Markets  109

Chapter 9: Analysing Stock-Market-Quoted Companies  125

Chapter 10: Banking on Bonds  145

Chapter 11: Conquering Commodities and Getting into Gold 161

Part III: Collective Investments and Pension Funds 173

Chapter 12: Looking at Fund Management  175

Chapter 13: Investing with a Trust  191

Chapter 14: Saving Up for Your Retirement  213

Chapter 15: Disinvesting During Your Retirement  229

Chapter 16: Selecting a Stockbroker or Financial Adviser  241

Chapter 17: Hedging Your Fund Bets  257

Chapter 18: Investing at Random and with the Intellectuals  267

Part IV: Property and Alternatives  277

Chapter 19: Investing in Bricks and Mortar  279

Chapter 20: Delving into Derivative Investments  297

Part V: The Part of Tens  311

Chapter 21: Ten Tips for Fact-Finding  313

Chapter 22: Ten Helpful Hints for You  323

Index  327