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Litigation Services Handbook, 2016 Cumulative Supplement: The Role of the Financial Expert, 5th Edition


The financial expert's litigation 'bible', updated and expanded

The updated Litigation Services Handbook is an indispensable reference for financial experts offering litigation support services. The text is a robust framework for all aspects of the litigation process, written by experts drawing upon years of institutional knowledge, experience, and techniques. It can be used alone or in conjunction with Litigation Services Handbook, Fifth Edition. A wide variety of cases illustrate important concepts, and in-depth, actionable coverage spans trial preparation, testimony, deposition, investigation, and more. This update includes the latest procedures and changes to the law, and a discussion on emerging technology explores its impact on the financial expert's practice. Two new chapters have been added to provide additional insight into the accountant's role in litigation, the the focus on investigation makes this book a highly practical reference for any practitioner in the field.

The increased need for financial witnesses and consultants to litigators has created plentiful opportunity for accountants, economists, and other practitioners. This book provides clear, comprehensive guidance for each step of the litigation process, to help practitioners enhance their practice in the courtroom and beyond.

  • Leverage financial expertise to provide litigation support services
  • Successfully prove damages with effective investigation techniques
  • Maintain authority while presenting accurate, thorough, and eloquent testimony
  • Get up to date on new technology and Sarbanes-Oxley implementation

Litigation support requires a specific skill set and knowledge base, some of which may fall outside of everyday procedure, and all of which continue to evolve with new procedures, tools, and methods. Litigation Services Handbook, 2016 Cumulative Supplement provides the most up-to-date case law and best practices financial experts need to know.

Preface vii

About the Editors ix

About the Contributors xiii

4A. Convolving Assumptions in Measuring Damages 4A.1
Roman L. Weil

6A. Survey Research in Litigation 6A.1
Paul J. Lavrakas, Jeffery A. Stec

10A. Going Concern 10A.1
Elizabeth A. Evans, Hong Qiao

13A. Remediation 13A.1
Jonny J. Frank

19A. Role of Financial Experts in ITC Section 337 Investigations (New) 19A.1
Ryan N. Herrington, Brendan P. Rogers

25A. Royalty Audits and Contract Compliance Investigations 25A.1
Ben W. Sheppard

31A. Covenant Not to Compete (“Non-compete Agreements” or “NCAs”) (New) 31A.1
Elizabeth A. Evans, Kevin F. Rasmussen, Roman L. Weil

34A. The Financial Illiteracy Defense: Options Backdating 34A.1
Jennifer C. Milliron, Roman L. Weil

35A. Fair Lending Litigation 35A.1
Shara M. Chang, Valerie L. Hletko, Liana R. Prieto, Benjamin P. Saul

35B. Recent Bank Failures and the Forensic Accountant’s Role 35B.1
David P. Hoffman, W. Scott Sorrels, Yvonne M. Williams-Wass

37A. Health Care Fraud and False Claims Act Damages 37A.1
Frank E. Correll Jr., Thomas A. Gregory, Gregory M. Luce, Karen Makara