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Macroeconomics as a Second Language


The key to understanding macroeconomics for business professionals is to view it as a second language. Olney takes this innovative approach as he zeroes in on the concepts, assumptions, and models they’ll need to learn. Each chapter begins with the equations and graphs that will enable them to dive into the application of economic principles. Tip notes highlight tricks that will help them remember the material, and they’ll find common errors to avoid. They’ll also be able to test what they’ve learned by reviewing Try questions. This approach will allow business professionals to gain an intuitive understanding of economic ideas that they’ll be able use in the field.

Chapter 1:  Economics Tools – Math and Graphing
Chapter 2:  Production Possibilities Frontier, Economic Growth, and Gains from Trade
Chapter 3:  Demand and Supply
Chapter 4:  Measuring the Macroeconomy
Chapter 5:  Long-Run Economic Growth
Chapter 6:  Keynesian Cross
Chapter 7:  Aggregate Demand and Its Determinants
Chapter 8:  Spending Multiplier
Chapter 9:  Fiscal and Monetary Policy
Chapter 10:  Money Creation
Chapter 11:  The Money Market and Interest Rates
Chapter 12:  Inflation and Output:  AS/AD Approach
Chapter 13:  Inflation and Output:  Monetary Policy & Taylor Rule Approach
Chapter 14:  Open Economy Macroeconomics
Answers to all “TRY” Questions