New Ways for Managing Global Financial Risks: The Next Generation


New Ways for Managing Global Financial Risks is about the creation of new financial instruments which enable companies of all kind to manage their non-core global financial risks in a more cost efficient, hedge efficient, transparent and counter party diversified manner than what is available today in the global capital and insurance markets. This subject is about delivering a new financial instrument and a new business process in which to transfer those global financial risks into the marketplace. The uses of traditional derivative instruments are not easy to use and often times do not produce the expected hedging results due to correlation deviation and hedge deviation.
  • The reader will learn about the present issues, constraints and problems facing users of traditional derivative instruments and the ability of the global financial system to deliver risk mitigation solutions.
  • They will learn about the global financial risks that are affecting their company’s bottom-line; how they are affecting them in ways they may not be aware. The reader will learn about the ways in which they can manage non-core global financial risks; currencies, hard commodities along with equity and bond portfolio risks affecting insurance reserve management and pension fund investments.
  • They will learn about why traditional financial risk mitigation instruments, (derivative instruments such as futures and options contracts) do not always provide the hedging effectiveness expected.
  • The reader will also learn about the global capital pipeline in which global capital flows, in a similar way as oil flows; there are too few pipelines for global capital to flow – a systemic financial risk - and the reader will learn about the new or next generation pipeline for global capital being built today.
  • Learn how to manage non-core global financial risks more effectively; providing a peace of mind experience; a relief that there is a better way to getting rid of global financial risk aches & pains.
  • Learn how to apply the new instruments and risk distribution process to their own financial issues.

Learn from real-life problems and case studies used throughout the book.

MICHAEL H. HYMAN was the founder of GH Asset Management, Ltd, London, England, a firm specializing in global fixed income asset management. The firm’s primary interest is the development of international portfolios of government debt instruments and the use of derivative instruments to manage associated financial risks. Clients include pension funds, corporations, banks, local governments, reinsurance companies and insurance firms. Mr Hyman’s global fixed income performance track record was consistently in the top one percentile and ranked number one in 1992, 1993, 1995 & 1996 by the PIPER Performance Measurement Service, (reported by “Pensions and Investments”). A prolific writer and popular speaker, Mr Hyman has led seminars and training programs for investment bankers and money managers worldwide. He has recently founded a new venture, Global Financial Risk Solutions, a financial engineering company. He completed his undergraduate studies from the University of Miami and his postgraduate studies and economic research from the London School of Economics.



 1. The Traditional Capital Markets Pipeline.

 2. The Problem – Wake Up Management.

 3. The Status Quo.

 4. Characteristics of the Next-Generation Financial Risk Management Solution.

 5. The Next Generation—A New Method, Process and Solution.

 6. Case Studies.

 7. Conclusion.



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