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No Bull: My Life In and Out of Markets


Critical Praise for NO BULL

"No Bull . . . is a breath of fresh air in a traditionally windy genre."
—The Wall Sreet Journal

"Michael Steinhardt rode bull and bear markets to great success for himself and his investors. No Bull is a highly readable inside look into the man, his successes, and his motivations."
—George Soros, Chairman, Soros Fund Management, and Chairman,

The Soros Foundations Network

"Michael Steinhardt has written a fascinating history of his experiences in the tumultuous economic times of the last forty years. His reflections are endlessly interesting, totally candid, very instructive, moving, warm, and in many ways, inspirational."
—Laurence A. Tisch, Co-Chairman, Loews Corporation

"Michael Steinhardt has penned a joyous book about his rich (in every way) experiences on Wall Street, filled with angst . . . and reminiscent of a World of Our Fathers as only Steinhardt would know."
—James J. Cramer, Markets Commentator for and CNBC

"No Bull is a memoir rich in language, in detail, and in self-awareness."
—Marty Peretz, Editor in Chief, The New Republic

MICHAEL STEINHARDT is one of the most successful money managers in the history of Wall Street. He is also widely known for his philanthropic activities, particularly in the Jewish community—most notably as cofounder with Charles Bronfman of "birthright israel," a program whose mission is to provide a free educational opportunity for every young Jewish person of the Diaspora to visit Israel.

1. The Phone Call.

2. Bensonhurst.

3. The Wise Guy of Forty-Seventh Street.

4. The Ivy League, the Army, and the Street.

5. The Hottest Analysts on Wall Street.

6. Steinhardt, Fine, Berkowitz & Company.

7. Judy.

8. Variant Perception.

9. There and Back.

10. Menageries and Movies.

11. The Crash of 1987.

12. The Steinhardt Style.

13. Dabbing in Politics.

14. The Worst Year of My Life.

15. "Steinhardt Quits!

16. The Death of My Father.

17. Two Rivers.