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Profiting from Market Trends: Simple Tools and Techniques for Mastering Trend Analysis


The markets are dynamic, so traders must adjust to never-ending market shifts in order to maintain an edge. Analyzing trends is one of the most effective ways to achieve this goal—and developing the skills associated with this endeavor can put you in a better position to capture consistent returns.

Nobody understands this situation better than author Tina Logan. Now, in Profiting from Market Trends, she shares her experience in this field—as a trader and trainer of traders—to help you recognize and capitalize on potentially lucrative market trends.

To help you absorb the wealth of information addressed, and to make it easier for you to remember the concepts, bulleted and numbered lists, as well as tables, are included throughout for quick reference.

It is often said that knowledge is power, but it is actually the application of knowledge that is powerful. If you truly want to become a better trader, master the knowledge found here, put it to work in real market situations, and watch your results improve over time.

TINA LOGAN is the President of Tina Logan, Inc. and author of Getting Started in Candlestick Charting (Wiley). She has over twenty-two years of combined experience as a trainer in corporate settings and as a coach for traders. For several years, Logan has provided stock market training through private tutoring, books, e-books, and Internet sessions. She has written articles for, and been interviewed about trading by Bloomberg Radio and the Biz Radio Network. Logan has hosted webinars in association with Worden TC2000 and a number of trading groups. She operates the website, which is a vehicle for trader education, providing home study courses and private tutoring.

Preface vii

Acknowledgments xiii

Part I Trend Development 1

Chapter 1 Introduction to Trend Analysis 3

Chapter 2 Trend Direction 9

Chapter 3 Trend Duration 27

Chapter 4 Trend Interruptions 59

Chapter 5 Early Trend Reversal Warnings 93

Chapter 6 Later Trend Reversal Warnings 119

Part II Putting Trend Analysis to Work 143

Chapter 7 The Broad Market 145

Chapter 8 Bull Markets 163

Chapter 9 Bear Markets 183

Chapter 10 Monitoring the Market Trends 195

Chapter 11 Current Bull Market-Case Study 229

Chapter 12 Conclusion 271

Bibliography 275

About the Author 277

Index 279