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Retail Banking Technology: Strategies and Resources That Seize the Competitive Advantage


Reveals the tools, tactics and strategies that financial industry executives can use to realign and revitalize their retail banking organizations. The primary focus is on the needs and expectations of customers. Explores not only breakthrough technologies but innovative uses of conventional technology and refreshed or enhanced systems to add value to any retail banking operation. Contains practical advice, suggestions, and insights offered by scores of bankers. Topics include information and integration; teller system and service imperatives; platform automation; electronic banking; innovative products and packages; marketing information systems; sales and staff performance; branch bank merchandising and more.

Relationship Banking for the 21st Century.

Information and Integration.

Teller System and Service Imperatives.

The Promise of Platform Automation.

Electronic Banking.

Innovative Imaged Products and Services.

Marketing Systems and Strategies.

Sales and Staff Performance.

Branch Bank Merchandising.

Breaking Banking Barriers.

Productivity and Profitability.