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Risk Management for Islamic Banks: Recent Developments from Asia and the Middle East


Gain insight into the unique risk management challenges within the Islamic banking system

Risk Management for Islamic Banks: Recent Developments from Asia and the Middle East analyzes risk management strategies in Islamic banking, presented from the perspectives of different banking institutions. Using comprehensive global case studies, the book details the risks involving various banking institutions in Indonesia, Malaysia, UAE, Bahrain, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia, pointing out the different management strategies that arise as a result of Islamic banking practices. Readers gain insight into risk management as a comprehensive system, and a process of interlinked continuous cycles that integrate into every business activity within Islamic banks.

The unique processes inherent in Islamic banking bring about complex risks not experienced by traditional banks. From Shariah compliance, to equity participation contracts, to complicated sale contracts, Islamic banks face unique market risks. Risk Management for Islamic Banks covers the creation of an appropriate risk management environment, as well as a stage-based implementation strategy that includes risk identification, measurement, mitigation, monitoring, controlling, and reporting. The book begins with a discussion of the philosophy of risk management, then delves deeper into the issue with topics like:

  • Risk management as an integrated system
  • The history, framework, and process of risk management in Islamic banking
  • Financing, operational, investment, and market risk
  • Shariah compliance and associated risk

The book also discusses the future potential and challenges of Islamic banking, and outlines the risk management pathway. As an examination of the wisdom, knowledge, and ideal practice of Islamic banking, Risk Management for Islamic Banks contains valuable insights for those active in the Islamic market.

Part I Introduction

Chapter 1 Philosophy of risk management

Chapter 2 Risk Management as an Integrates system

Part II Risk Management framework in Islamic bank

Chapter 3 History of Risk management in Islamic Banking

Chapter 4 Risk Management Process in Islamic Bank


Part III Risk Management in Islamic Bank

Chapter 5 Financing Risk in Islamic Banking

Chapter 6 Operational Risk on Islamic Bank

Chapter 7 Sharia Compliance Risk

Chapter 8 Strategic Risk Risiko

Chapter 9 Investment Risk Risiko

Chapter 10 Market risk on islamic banking

Chapter 11 Liquidity risk on Islamic bank

Part IV Future Potential and Challenges in islamic bank

Chapter 12 Pathway of risk management in Islamic bank

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