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Sorting Out Your Finances For Dummies, 2nd Edition


Managing your money can be a big headache, but when you have the confidence to assess your financial situation and tackle your money issues head-on, it doesn’t have to be. From organising where your money goes, to dealing with debt and choosing the right investment products for a wealthier future, this book helps you to adopt good money habits – whatever your age or financial situation.

Melanie Bien is a Director at Savills Private Finance and is the former personal finance editor for the Independent on Sunday. She has been writing about property and personal finance for a variety of national newspapers, magazines and websites for over a decade.

Part I: Organising Your Finances.

Chapter 1: Exploring the Basics.

Chapter 2: Taking Stock of Your Financial Goals and Seeking Advice.

Chapter 3: Choosing the Best Current Account for You.

Chapter 4: Guarding Against the Unknown: Insurance.

Part II: Dealing with Debt.

Chapter 5: Seeing Red: Tackling Your Overdraft.

Chapter 6: Flexing the Plastic: Choosing a Credit Card.

Chapter 7: Navigating Personal Loans.

Chapter 8: Avoiding Credit Nasties and Getting Out of Debt.

Part III: Building Up Savings and Investments.

Chapter 9: Saving for a Rainy Day.

Chapter 10: Making the Most of Tax-Free Savings and Investments.

Chapter 11: Building Up an Investment Portfolio.

Chapter 12: Finding Safety in Numbers with Collective Funds.

Chapter 13: DIY Investing: Opting for Shares.

Chapter 14: Safe as Houses: Choosing a Mortgage.

Part IV: Taking Care of the Future.

Chapter 15: Planning for Retirement and Beyond.

Chapter 16: Getting to Grips with Company Pensions.

Chapter 17: Examining Personal Pensions and Stakeholder Schemes.

Chapter 18: Coping in Retirement.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 19: Ten Tips to Get Out of Debt and Save Cash.

Chapter 20: Coping with Ten Events Life May Throw at You.

Chapter 21: Ten Golden Rules for Sorting Out Your Finances.

Appendix: Resources.