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Stock Investing For Dummies, 5th Edition


  • Research stock investments for your portfolio
  • Manage risk and ride out the market's ups and downs
  • Discover new investment opportunities

Grow your stock investments

It doesn't take a genius to invest wisely in the stock market—all you need is expert advice and guidance. This book shares proven strategies for choosing and managing stock investments that will ride out changing market conditions. Fully updated for the latest trends and conditions, it helps you dodge the pitfalls and build a successful portfolio.


  • Common approaches to stock investing
  • Analyze your goals and finances
  • Understand risk and volatility
  • Figure out stock tables
  • Survey sectors and industries

Paul Mladjenovic is a Certified Financial Planner and investing educator with more than 33 years of experience. The owner of Prosperity Network, he writes and teaches extensively on common stocks and related investments. Paul is the author of all previous editions of Stock Investing For Dummies and High-Level Investing For Dummies.