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The Hedge Fund Book: A Training Manual for Professionals and Capital-Raising Executives


Praise for The HEDGE FUND BOOK

"I read Richard Wilson's book prior to launching my first hedge fund. Thanks to the book, we successfully launched the fund and raised the needed capital in record time. The book made the process, from choosing administrators to approaching investors, far easier."—Craig Nelson, Managing Director of Prima Equity Partners

"This is the most comprehensive resource on the hedge fund industry that I've seen put into print."—Matt Recore, Recore Capital Growth Fund LLP

"This book saves a lot of time, energy, and money by teaching hedge fund marketing in a practical way. Hedge fund managers who read this book will move up the learning curve at a much more rapid pace compared with those who do not."—Hendrik Klein, CEO, Da Vinci Invest AG

"There is not a more current, critical, and revealing book out there now about the future of the hedge fund industry. Packing in knowledge from leading hedge fund experts, Wilson has compiled a treasure chest of information and best practices useful to anyone interested in breaking into the industry or starting up a fund in this new climate."—Scott Cohen, CPA, President, Hedge Solutions

"Richard really captures all facets of running a hedge fund. The interview format and Q & A at the end of each chapter make it easy for someone outside the industry to learn about the alternative space. This book is a must-read for anyone looking to start a hedge fund."—Lance Baraker, Co-Head of TradeStation Prime Services

RICHARD C. WILSON is a hedge fund consultant and head of the Hedge Fund Group, the largest hedge fund networking group in the industry. He is also the creator of the successful Web site Wilson writes a daily article on the hedge fund industry for the site, as well as straightforward educational pieces on hedge fund strategies, terms and definitions, trends, interviews, videos, and book reviews. He also founded and holds two 100% online training sessions for the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) Designation Program, a professional certification program catering to professionals in the hedge fund industry.

My Story.

Disclosure of Financial Interests.



Chapter 1 Hedge Fund Fundamentals.

Hedge Fund Mechanics and Statistics.

History of Hedge Funds.

Media Portrayal of Hedge Funds.

Hedge Fund Ecosystem.

Future of the Hedge Fund Industry.

Chapter Summary.

Review Questions.

Chapter 2 Institutionalization and Operations.

Stephen Abrahams, Vice President of Marketing for a London-Based Hedge Fund.

Bob Pardo, CEO and President, Pardo Capital Limited.

Vinod Paul, Managing Director of Service and Business Development, Eze Castle Integration.

Nakul Nayyar, Quatitative Trading/Support, Quad Capital.

Hendrik Klein, CEO, DaVinci Invest Ltd.

Sheri Kanesaka, Associate, Michelman & Robinson, LLP.

Eric Warshal, CEO, Fund Associates.

Lance Baraker and William Katts, Senior Managing Directors, TradeStation Prime.

Chapter Summary.

Review Questions.

Chapter 3 Hedge Fund Marketing Pro.

Bad News.

Public Relations Management.

Educational Marketing.

Forget about Contacting More Investors.

E-Mail Marketing Best Practices.

Copy Writing.

Case Profile.

Stephen Abraham, Vice President of Marketing for a London-Based Hedge Fund.

Pratik Sharma, Managing Director, Atyant Capital.

Hendrik Klein, CEO, Da Vinci Invest Ltd.

Chapter Summary.

Review Questions.

Chapter 4 The Shooting Star.

18 Lessons from Shooting Star Hedge Funds.

Rick Nummi, Partner and General Counsel, Accounting and Compliance. International (ACI).

Thomas Powell, Chief Executive Officer, ELP Capital.

Chapter Summary.

Review Questions.

Chapter 5 Hedge Fund Start-Up Guru.

Top Five Tips for Starting a Hedge Fund.

Hedge Fund Pitch Book Creation.

Syed Ali, CEO, Saturn Partners, LLC.

Nakul Nayyar, Quatitative Trading/Support, Quad Capital.

Chapter Summary.

Review Questions.

Chapter 6 Dedicated to Due Diligence.

Scott Freund, President, GCC Family Wealth Management.

Brian Reich, President and Founder, Atrato Advisors LLC.

Richard Wilson, Hedge Fund Group, CHP Designation,

Due Diligence Affects on Hedge Funds.

Chapter Summary.

Review Questions.

Chapter 7 Giant Hedge Funds.

Best Practice from $1 Billion-Plus Hedge Funds.

Richard Zahm, Portfolio Manger, Second Angel Fund.

Scott Cohen, President and CEO, Hedge Solutions.

Chapter Summary.

Review Questions.

Chapter 8 Governance Best Practices.

Andrew Main, Managing Partner, Stratton Street Capital LLP.

David R. Koenig, CEO of the Governance Fund, LLC.

Chapter Summary.

Review Questions.

Chapter 9 Frequently Asked Hedge Fund Questions.

Hedge Funds 101.

Hedge Fund Operations.

Hedge Fund Marketing and Sales.

Hedge Fund Careers. 

Appendix A Business of $1,779.

Appendix B Example Due Diligence Questions.


Appendix C Top Hedge Fund Web Sites.


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