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The Making of a Market Guru: Forbes Presents 25 Years of Ken Fisher


Praise for Ken Fisher

These endorsements are not in reference to this book, but otherbooks by Mr. Fisher as well as praise for Mr. Fisher himself.

"Ken Fisher has produced the first worthwhilenew investment ideas I've seen in years."
James W. Michaels, Editor, Forbes, 1957–1999; Loeb Lifetime Achievement Award recipient; known as the "dean" of American business journalism; and Ken's mentor and first editor at Forbes (from the 1984 endorsement of Ken Fisher's first book, Super Stocks)

"The reason for Ken's longevity is not only hisexcellent record of individual stock recommendations but alsohis insightful general observations and his creation ofprinciples for investors to follow."
Steve Forbes, Editor-in-chief, Forbes, President and CEO, Forbes Inc. (from "King Fisher," Forbes, August 3, 2009, commemorating Ken's 25th year with Forbes)

"Much of Fisher's success is due to his career-longpractice of challenging the conventional wisdom of investing."
Mary Scott, Research magazine (from "Befriending Your Brain," Research magazine, February 2007)

AARON ANDERSON is a Capital Markets Research Analyst who holds BS degrees in geophysics from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and applied economics from the University of San Francisco. His first book, Own the World, was published in 2009 by John Wiley & Sons. He writes a regular column for titled "The Global View." Aaron, his wife, Kim, and daughter, Olivia, reside in Danville, California.

1984—A Not So Orwellian Year.

1985—A 30% Yawner.

1986—Global-dy Gook.


1988—Ear to the Ground.

1989—The End Is Nigh.

1990—A Sneaky Bear Market.

1991—Unbelievable Bull.

1992—Times, They Were a Changin'.

1993—A Taxing Year.

1994—The Calm Before the Storm.

1995—List After Bullish List.

1996—The Nifty Nineties.

1997—Rational Exuberance.

1998—Rubles, Corrections, and More Bull.

1999—IPOs, Y2K, Nasdaq, Oh My!

2000—Tech Bubbles Over.

2001—Bear Market!

2002—Triple Bottom Blues.

2003—Buy on the Cannons.


2005—Giving It Time.

2006—Celebrity Market Indicators.

2007—Another Broken Record.

2008—The Unbubble.

2009—25 Years and Counting.



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