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The Stock Market Course, Workbook


An unparalleled opportunity to learn the investment game from the ground up, from two of today's most respected traders and investment coaches

An Indispensable Companion to The Stock Market Course

George Fontanills is one of the world's most respected traders and one of the most sought-after advisors to top financial institutions and trading firms. But he was by no means an overnight success. Fontanills learned the art and science of trading the markets the hard way-through a difficult and costly series of trials and errors. One of the most important lessons his early trading experiences taught him was that the first job of every novice trader is to acquire a thorough education about the ins and outs of the markets.

The Stock Market Course Workbook gives you the basic knowledge and skills you need to realize your dreams of success as a stock trader. In plain English, George Fontanills and expert Tom Gentile familiarize you with the ins and outs of the markets. They clearly explain all key stock market terms and procedures, assess the relative risks and benefits of stock investment, and even help you determine whether or not you are suited financially and psychologically to be a market player. The Stock Market Course Workbook then allows you to hone your knowledge with practical exercises to help further your understanding, as well as test and apply what you have learned-before you put your money in the market. The workbook includes a complete set of questions, problems, exercises, and an answer key.

The next best thing to having a top investment coach by your side every step of the way, The Stock Market Course Workbook helps you transform your dream of success as a stock trader into a golden reality.

GEORGE A. FONTANILLS heads Pinnacle Investments of America, Inc., a hedge fund and money management company ( Prior to Pinnacle, he was a principal in a floor operation on the American Stock Exchange. He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Red Herring, and, and appears on Bloomberg, CNNFN, and CNBC. His other bestselling books include Trade Options Online, The Options Course, and The Options Course Workbook.
TOM GENTILE is Chief Operations Strategist for the Global Investment Research Corp. and, and is also a contributing writer in numerous publications, including Fortune, Barron's, and the Wall Street Journal.