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Wealth of Experience: Real Investors on What Works and What Doesn't


There are many paths to investment success, but few are as straight and true as Vanguard's. Simplicity, thrift, and broad diversification are powerful allies. Andy Clarke has assembled a wealth of real-world examples that will show you how to get these forces working in your favor.
–Don Phillips
Managing Director
Morningstar, Inc.

"Well done! Very comprehensive analysis based on empirical data and not mere speculation. If I could give a grade: solid A."
–William D. Danko, PhD
Coauthor of The Millionaire Next Door
Chair of the Marketing Department
State University of New York at Albany

ANDREW S. CLARKE is a senior financial writer at The Vanguard Group. Before joining Vanguard, he worked for Morningstar, the investment research firm. Mr. Clarke is a Chartered Financial Analyst.
JOHN J. BRENNAN is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Vanguard Group and author of the bestseller, Straight Talk on Investing, also published by Wiley.
THE VANGUARD GROUP is the world's second-largest mutual fund company, with 15 million shareholder accounts and $600 billion in assets under management. Vanguard pioneered low-cost index mutual funds, and has distinguished itself as a champion of superior client service and low investor costs.



Chapter 1. Save Your Money.

Chapter 2. Plan for the Future.

Chapter 3. Learn the Secrets of Success.

Chapter 4. Diversify Your Assets.

Chapter 5. Select Your Investments.

Chapter 6. Avoid Self-Destructive Moves.

Chapter 7. Assess Your Progress.

Chapter 8. Keep Your Costs Low.

Chapter 9. Be Smart About Taxes.

Chapter 10. Create Your Investing Legacy.

Chapter 11. Adopt Productive Habits and Attitudes.

Chapter 12. Follow the Eight Commandments.