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You Can Never Be Too Rich: Essential Investing Advice You Cannot Afford to Overlook


Praise for You Can Never Be Too Rich

"Great guy, fantastic book. I've known Alan for many years, and I'm a richer man because of it."
--James Woods, two-time Oscar-nominated veteran actor and star of CBS TV's hit primetime drama, Shark

"Honest and practical, witty and unique, You Can Never Be Too Rich offers an abundance of highly valuable information most investors have never heard about."
--Mark Bakshi, President of Production Management Worldwide, Paramount Pictures

"Leaving no stone unturned, You Can Never Be Too Rich not only focuses on timeless concepts of successful investing, but all other elements of financial success you won't want to miss."
--Rodney Liber, Executive Producer of In Good Company, Dunston Checks In, Big Momma's House, Wild Things, and American Dreamz

"Alan's book delivers a grand slam for investors of all ages. I not only highly recommend it, but use the information myself."
--Barry Weinberg, Head Athletic Trainer, St. Louis Cardinals

"Packed with great information told in an easy-to-understand and highly entertaining manner, You Can Never Be Too Rich is one for all ages."
--Jay Conrad Levinson, bestselling author, Guerrilla Marketing series of books

"The concepts described in this book are all strategies Alan has implemented for us over the years, and they have been extremely effective. We're very confident you'll agree."
--Dr. and Mrs. E. Tanguilig, Palm Beach, Florida

"Combining the timeless investment principles of Graham and Buffett with clever wit in an easy-to-understand style, Alan does a fantastic job of making things simple to implement and highly entertaining. This book is a true winner."
--Denis Waitley, author, The Psychology of Winning

Alan Haft is a nationally recognized personal finance expert who has appeared in a wide range of media outlets, including Money magazine, BusinessWeek, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News, Morningstar,, and among many others. His newspaper column, "The Haft of It," has appeared in various newspapers across the country, and he continues to conduct entertaining, simple-to-understand, and highly informative presentations for thousands of people nationwide. For more information, visit
Introduction. Hollywood and the Art of Investing.

Chapter 1. The Top 10 Lessons Hollywood Teaches Us About Investing.

LESSON 1. Diversification Is The Key to Success.

LESSON 2. It Doesn't Have to Be Complicated for It to Be Effective.

LESSON 3. It's the Details That Count.

LESSON 4. Costs Count.

LESSON 5. Planning is Key.

LESSON 6. Cut the Losers, Ride the Winners.

LESSON 7. Experts Focus on Reducing Risk, Novices Focus on Return.

LESSON 8. Don't Reinvent the Wheel.

LESSON 9. Complacency is the Mother of All Disasters.

LESSON 10. Defy Conventional Wisdom and Take Smart Risks.

And One More For the Road -- If There's a Will, There's a Way.

Chapter 2. To Beat the Market, Be the Market.

What Billy the Neighborhood Bully Teaches Us About Investing.

Going Down.

Stop Whacking at the Ball.


Off to the Races...An Introduction to Asset Allocation.

Stocks, Funds or Indexes.

The Index Advantage.

Building the House.

How to Pick a Stock Like Warren Buffett.

A Simple Way to Pick Individual Stocks.

Real World Sample Portfolios.

How to Beat Wall Street in 9 Seconds Flat.

Lifestyle Funds.

The Fine Art of Buying Low and Selling High.

Wrapping It All Up.

How Much Should I Be Saving?

Chapter 3. Reliable Returns.

Generating Reliable Returns.

The Most Dangerous Game.

The Numbers Don't Lie.

How to Avoid the Most Dangerous Game.

Are You Playing the Most Dangerous Game?

Stock Market Stan Teaches Us a Lesson.

Getting Away From the Most Dangerous Game.


Individual Bonds vs. Bond Mutual Funds.

Bond Ladders.

Final Points on Bonds.

Preferred Stocks.

Dividend Stocks.

The Great Wallendas Teach Us a Lesson.

Investing in the Markets With Safety Nets Beneath You.

Annuities: Aren't They Awful?

Variable Annuities.

Certificates of Deposit: When 6% = 0%.

Index Annuities.

Real Estate 180.

Reliable Returns: Conclusion.

Chapter 4. Adding a Little Life to Your Life.

Why Would I Buy Life Insurance?

Term vs. Universal Life Insurance.

Adding Instant Wealth to Your Estate.

Profiting From Selling Your Life Insurance Policy.

Tax Free Retirement Income.

Long Term Care Benefits.

Freeing Up Principal.

Having "Someone Else" Pay the Tax.

Doubling Your Income at Retirement -- The Private Pension.

The Private Pension Plan and IRAs.

One Million Dollars -- For Free?

Life Insurance: Conclusion.

Chapter 5. A Break in the Action.

Chapter 6. IRAs.

IRAs Defined.

IRAs: Frequently Asked Questions.

Roth IRAs.


Minimizing Taxable Withdrawals.

After the Age of 70 1/2.

IRAs: Conclusion.

Chapter 7. A Few Words on Taxes.

How Your Investments Are Taxed.

Dividend Tax.

Ordinary Income.

Capital Gains.

Summarizing the Three Most Common Taxes.

The Mutual Fund Tax Problem.

Solving the Mutual Fund Taxation Problem.

How Will You Spend Your Tax Refund?

Chapter 8. The Bottom of the Ninth.

What's the Worst That Could Happen?

Anatomy of a Living Trust.

5 Estate Planning Blunders to Avoid.

Chapter 9. Support and Maintenance.

Interviewing Your Potential Advisor.

10 Things Some Advisors Would Rather You Didn't Know.

Investment Clubs.

Chapter 10. Conclusion.