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$10,000 Gold: Why Gold's Inevitable Rise Is the Investor's Safe Haven


$10,000 Gold is far more than a financial book. It is a tool of survival and prosperity. It leads the reader to a deeper understanding by showing the global economic and demographic trends that support a rational prediction for gold's future value. $10,000 Gold advocates ownership of physical, uncompromised bullion and explains the benefits of a safe haven that has preserved wealth for more than 5,000 years.

Praise for $10,000 Gold

"Nick Barisheff, who had the foresight to start a precious metals mutual fund in January of 2002 when gold was $284.65 per ounce, is now predicting $10,000 per ounce gold. This book explains why he is probably right, again."
— Michael B. O'Higgins, author of Beating the Dow

"Nick Barisheff is one of Canada's leading authorities on gold bullion. In this seminal book, he shares his encyclopedic knowledge with us and, more importantly, tells us how to use gold to protect personal wealth. A must-read for all serious investors."
— Gordon Pape, author of Retirement's Harsh New Realities

"Mr. Barisheff's well-researched and very readable book...explains precisely why gold, now, is a wise investment."
— David Ranson, President and director of research, H. C. Wainwright & Co. Economics Inc.

"In $10,000 Gold, Nick Barisheff makes the best case to think gold prices are likely heading higher. The arguments are compelling and well-articulated and if you don't own gold bullion before reading this book, I believe Nick will change your mind. If you want peace of mind in the turbulent decade that lies directly ahead, this book will help you along that journey."
— James Puplava, CEO PFS Group, Host of Financial Sense Newshour

"Nick Barisheff pulls no punches. This is a must-read for all outside the precious metals community."
— David Morgan, Founder,

Nick Barisheff is the founder, president and CEO of Bullion Management Group Inc., a bullion management company dedicated to providing investors with a cost-effective, convenient way to purchase and hold physical bullion. Widely recognized as a worldwide bullion expert, Mr. Barisheff is an author, speaker and financial commentator who is a regular contributor to several investment newsletters and magazines and regularly appears in the media to provide his view on precious metals, economics, and the markets. He has appeared on BNN, CBC and CNBC, and been interviewed for articles appearing in the Globe and Mail; National Post; Toronto Star; Wall Street Journal; SingTao, China; Citywire Global, and many more.

List of Figures xi

Introduction 1

Guided by Two Essential Principles 3

The Day Gold Died 6

Part I: The Framework for $10,000 Gold 9

Chapter 1: Why Gold Matters 11

Benefits of the Gold Standard 13

Gold: A Reliable Indicator of Inflation 18

Gold’s Sustained Purchasing Power: Thinking in Ounces of Gold 23

The Historical Lessons of Gold vs. Paper 24

Gold Derivatives 33

Chapter 2: The Creation of Money and Debt 37

What Money Is 38

A Short History of Money 39

Central Banks in the United States 41

The Money Creation Process 47

In Conclusion 52

Chapter 3: Peak Oil, Population Growth and Gold 55

What the Charts Tell Us 56

Oil, Energy and the Price of Gold 60

Peak Oil 61

The Relationship between Oil, the Economy and Gold 69

In Conclusion 77

Chapter 4: The Aging Population, Outsourcing and Debt--Their Relationship to Gold 79

The Aging Population 81

The Problem with Outsourcing 87

The Consequences of the Aging Population and Outsourcing--Unsustainable Debt 92

Growing the GDP 93

Sovereign Debt 96

The U.S. Housing Market 97

In Conclusion 100

Chapter 5: Myths about Gold Bullion Ownership 101

In Defense of Gold 103

Propaganda Myths 116

The Myth That Gold Carries Too Much Risk 118

The Gold Standard for Assessing Risk 123

Three Important Criteria for Measuring Precious Metals Risk 125

Other Types of Risk 128

In Conclusion 136

Chapter 6: The Legacy of Gold’s Performance, 1980-2000 137

Gold’s Bear Market 138

Other Unique Features of This Period 150

When the Negatives Become Positives 151

In Conclusion 152

Part II: Owning Gold 153

Chapter 7: The Fundamental Case for Owning Gold 155

Gold Fundamentals vs. Technicals 156

Supply and Production 158

Environmental and Political Pressure 161

Primary Demand 163

Secondary Demand 170

The Competition for Gold 176

Silver and Platinum 177

In Conclusion 182

Chapter 8: How to Buy Gold 183

Some Pertinent Terms 184

The Many Ways of Buying Gold 185

Chapter 9: The Ultimate Prize--Uncompromised Bullion 217

The Question of Title and Authenticity 218

Storage 220

Location 226

Strong Banks 226

Strong Economy 227

Strong Democracy 227

In Conclusion 228

Chapter 10: Gold Never Sleeps 229

Chinese Buying--Gold Is Moving East 229

Central Bank Buying 233

The Movement Away from the U.S. Dollar 233

U.S. Debt--The Main Driver of Gold’s Rising Price 237

Individual Responsibility 245

The True Value of Peace of Mind 247

Addendum 249

Notes 261

Appendix: Figure Source Citations 279

Acknowledgments 285

About the Author 287

Index 289