Accounting Essentials, 2nd Edition


Accounting Essentials 2nd Edition A Self-Teaching Guide In the time it takes to commute back and forth to an accounting course, Accounting Essentials, Second Edition can show you how to master basic record-keeping procedures and learn how to protect assets, inventory, and payroll—all in the comfort of your own home. So, it's not surprising that over 80,000 people have already used the first edition to learn the fundamentals of accounting and bookkeeping. Working at your own pace, you'll become familiar with every step of a typical accounting cycle—from initial transaction through the final preparation of summary statements. You'll actually teach yourself how to journalize transactions, post to ledgers and summarize information in periodic financial statements by filling in sample documents, ledger sheets, and financial statements. Once you've mastered the basic procedures, you'll learn how to apply them in specialized situations like merchandise accounting, payroll accounting, accounting for inventory, and controlling assets. This revised edition features updated information on tax rates, taxable payroll income for FICA, and an appendix showing how you can use your computer to handle common accounting transactions. More than 80 Wiley Self-Teaching Guides teach practical skills from accounting to astronomy, microcomputers to math. Look for them all at your favorite bookstore!

NEAL MARGOLIS and PAUL HARMON are independent management consultants.
Fundamental Concepts of Bookkeeping and Accounting.

Business Transactions.

The Accounting Cycle I: From Transaction to Trail Balance.

The Accounting Cycle II: Adjusting the Ledger and Preparing Financial Statements.

The Accounting Cycle III: Closing the Books.

Special Journals and Subsidiary Ledgers.


Internal Controls.

Payroll Accounting.

Evaluating Financial Statements.