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Analysis of Financial Statements


Financial statements capture and report on four key business activities: planning, financing, investing, and operating activities. To intelligently understand, analyze, and interpret financial statements you must look for the right information, know where to locate it, and then act swiftly on the findings.

Analysis of Financial Statements provides the essential concepts and tools needed by analysts who make decisions on the basis of information found in financial statements. This book offers a comprehensive approach to understanding financial statements, from sources of financial information and the three basic types of statements to the various measures that common stock and equity analysts can use to assess a company. Analysis of Financial Statements also includes examples of real world applications from practicing analysts plus review questions at the end of each chapter.

Pamela P. Peterson, PhD, CFA is a professor of finance at Florida State University where she teaches undergraduate courses in corporate finance and doctoral courses in empirical research methods. She is an editor of the Contemporary Finance Digest, a publication of the Financial Management Association and CIBC World Markets. Professor Peterson has published articles in journals including the Journal of Finance, Financial Management, and the Financial Analysts Journal. She is the author of Financial Management and Analysis and co-author with David R. Peterson of Company Performance and Measures of Value Added.
Frank J. Fabozzi is editor of the Journal of Portfolio Management and an Adjunct Professor of Finance at Yale University's School of Management. Frank is a Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Public Accountant. He is on the board of directors of the Guardian Life family of funds and the BlackRock complex of funds. He earned a doctorate of economics from the City University of New York in 1972 and in 1994 received an honorary doctorate of Human Letters from Nova Southeastern University. Frank is a Fellow of the International Center for Finance at Yale University.
About the Authors.

Topics Covered by Chapter.

1. Introduction.

2. Financial Statements.

3. The Quality of Financial Information.

4. Financial Ratio Analysis.

5. Taxes Issues.

6. Earnings Analysis.

7. Cash Flow Analysis.

8. Dividends and Dividend Discount Models.

9. Fundamental Factor Models.

10. Value-Based Measures of Performance.

11. Credit Analysis.