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Around the World with Jim Rogers: Investment Biker


This book is about the author's amazing trip across six continents and the world economy and society. It discusses who's sinking and who's swimming, which countries are on the rise and which are collapsing, where you can make a million and where you could lose one. Every place he stopped on the trip, Rogers talked to businessmen, bankers, investors and regular people. He learned reams of information that you'd never learn from reading the financial pages of any periodical. Delivers a thrilling account of the journey of a lifetime and provides tips that would enable you to pay for a trip just like it.

Part I: Dunquin to Tokyo.

1. A flight to Russia.

2. New York.

3. Crossing Europe.

4. Linz.

5. Central Europe.

6. On to Istanbul.

7. Old Turkistan.

8. China.

9. Xi'an.

10. Xi'an to Beijing.

Part II: Tokyo to Dunquin.

11. First class in the first world.

12. At the edge of the world.

13. Across the wild Tayga.

14. Siberia.

15. Ulan-Ude, Zima, and Kansk.

16. Novosibirsk and west.

17. Moscow.

18. On to Ireland.

Part III.

19. Africa: the Sahara Desert.

20. Sub-Saharan Africa.

21. Down a lazy river.

22. Home of the always victorious warrior.

23. Escape.

24. Zambia and the Great Zimbabwe.

25. Botswana.

26. South Africa.

Part IV.

27. Overland Down Under.

28. The uttermost edge of the world.

29. Buenos Aires.

30. Chile and Easter Island.

31. On the shining path.

32. On Darwin's trail.

33. The Darien Gap.

34. The canal to the Rio Grande.

35. Home and beyond.


Appendix I.

Appendix II.