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Barbarians of Oil: How the World's Oil Addiction Threatens Global Prosperity and Four Investments to Protect Your Wealth


Authors Franks and Nunnally have done readers a great justice in Barbarians of Oil by exposing the dishonest tricks and tactics oil companies use to hoodwink us into thinking we have no options for energy other than oil. What's worse, Washington bureaucrats and automobile manufacturers have supported their antics for decades. The authors show us in plain truth and mince no words that Big Oil has set us on a path of economic destruction by relying solely on oil. This is a must-read, especially as oil tops $100 a barrel.—MYLES NORIN, CEO, Agora Publishing

"Outside of sex and religion, nothing is more fascinating than the story of oil. Its many effects on modern economies can scarcely be counted, let alone fully measured. In fact, oil–cheap oil–may be an essential ingredient for our standard of living as well as our style of living. Sandy Franks gives us another way to look at it . . . another way to understand this amazing story. Everyone should read this book."—BILL BONNER, bestselling author, Financial Reckoning Day

"People have been shedding blood for oil for over one hundred years now, and Sandy Franks tells us how in Barbarians of Oil. She and Nunnally show how the Industrial Revolution was really an Energy Revolution–with crude oil as the powerful king. And now, we learn how oil's bloody reign could end and how investors could profit from a new era in energy."—DAN DENNING, author, The Bull Hunter

"Oil is ubiquitous. You can't begin to understand U.S. society, global economics, international politics or the fragile alliances that dominate the headlines today without first understanding oil and its impact. Nor can you hope to build a portfolio you can rely on, if you haven't first considered oil and its alternatives as an asset class. Barbarians of Oil is as concise and straightforward a guide as you can hope to find on the subject. It's a quick, even fun, 'must.' The investment advice you get at the end is a pure bonus." —ADDISON WIGGIN, bestselling author of Empire of Debt, Financial Reckoning Day and The Demise of the Dollar

SANDY FRANKS serves as Executive Publisher of Taipan Publishing Group, publisher of Taipan Daily, a daily e-newsletter with more than 250,000 readers, and Smart Investing Daily, an e-newsletter with almost 100,000 readers. During her two decades in publishing, she has specialized in a variety of markets including financial, health, and business startup publishing. With an editorial focus on delivering market analysis, financial insight, and investment ideas, Taipan Publishing Group offers a unique and powerful combination of services and resources in print and on the web.

SARA NUNNALLY is managing editor of the Taipan Publishing Group, and co-contributor to Smart Investing Daily. She publishes her research findings in investment research reports, in-depth investment videos, and in the essential Smart Investing Daily communiqué.



Part One: History of Oil

Chapter 1: Emergence of Black Gold

Chapter 2: Drilling For Oil

Chapter 3: The Struggle to Survive

Chapter 4: Birth of an Industry

Part Two: Oil Dynasties

Chapter 5: A Home Grown U.S. Oil Cartel

Chapter 6: From Humble Beginnings to Oil Giant

Chapter 7: Cut-throat British Oil Empire

Chapter 8: Budding Oil Empires

Part Three: Dangerous Liaisons

Chapter 9: The Birth of OPEC

Chapter 10: The Arab-Israeli Oil Wars

Chapter 11: The OPEC Oil Weapon

Chapter 12: Political Dangers to the U.S Oil Addiction

Part Four: Oil’s Political Allies

Chapter 13: The Bush-Halliburton Era

Chapter 14: Petrodollars: The Rise of Venezuela, Iran, and Russia

Chapter 15: Drill, Baby, Drill: The Alaska Equation

Chapter 16: Black Gold Guardians

Part Five: Dangerous Addiction

Chapter 17: Dirty Business

Chapter 18: Big Oil's Sidekick

Chapter 19: The Red Dragon's Thirst for Oil

Chapter 20: Petro-land Grab: The Fight for African Oil

Part Six: Where to Invest Now and Why

Chapter 21: Achieving Energy Independence: The Story of Samsø Island

Chapter 22: The Need for Alternative Energy Sources

Chapter 23: The Hybrid Future

Chapter 24: Investment Strategies to Protect (and Grow) Your Wealth