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Becoming Your Own China Stock Guru: The Ultimate Investor's Guide to Profiting from China's Economic Boom


How to strike it rich in the world's hottest investment sector: China

"If there is one market that investors need to understand over the next ten years, it's China; and if there is one advisor you need to rely on to understand China, it's Jim Trippon. This book is a must read!"
—Steven Halpern, Editor of

"Jim Trippon is my number one source for all China investment information."
—Kira McCaffrey Brecht Senior Editor of Stocks, Futures, and Options Magazine

The greatest economic superpower the world has ever seen is being born right now. In just three decades, China's economic revolution has already changed the investment landscape of the world. Does it belong in your portfolio?

In Becoming Your Own China Stock Guru, Jim Trippon—who has been investing in the Chinese market for wealthy clients over the past twenty years—shows how the average investor can profit from the largest economic miracle of the twenty-first century. Trippon outlines the big picture of China's economic explosion and introduces youto the industries that are ripe for investment. He explains how you can invest in China without leaving home—through American Depositary Receipts, U.S. mutual funds that invest in China, ETFs, and Index Funds—and offers insights into the workings of the Chinese financial centers that are the focus of investment and decision-making for Greater China.

A trained CPA and wealth manager, Trippon explains how to identify value in Chinese stocks and assemble a portfolio that will take advantage of volatility and minimize risk as you profit from China's "capitalist revolution."

James M. Trippon runs the largest equity investment research firm in Mainland China and is the Editor in Chief of China Stock Digest, America's top performing newsletter for Chinese stocks traded in U.S. markets. Trippon maintains research offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Houston in order to research new opportunities and stay on top of the Chinese economy in real time. He also advises corporate pensions, private trusts, and high-net-worth families on their China investment strategies. Trippon has been featured on numerous media outlets, including CBS, ABC, NBC, Oil & Gas Financial Journal, and Investment Advisor magazine. Visit Trippon on the Web at




I. Trends – Why The Future Belongs to China.

Chapter 1: Sunrise in the East: China Becomes the New World Superpower.

Chapter 2: Sunset in the West: The End of American Economic Supremacy.

Chapter 3: The End of the Bicycle Kingdom: Common Misconceptions about Today's China.

Chapter 4: The Coming Financial Flood.

Chapter 5: Becoming a China Stock Guru.

II. China's Economic Landscape.

Chapter 6: China's Booming Base: Manufacturing.

Chapter 7: China's Auto Industry: In Full Gear.

Chapter 8: China's Energy Industry: Red Hot

Chapter 9: China's Bonanza: Banking and Insurance.

Chapter 10: China's Communications Revolution: Almost Free Speech.

III. Understanding China's Financial Centers

Chapter 11: The Epicenter of a Capitalist Revolution.

Chapter 12: Shenzhen: China's Test City.

Chapter 13: Shanghai: China's Own Manhattan.

Chapter 14: Taiwan: The Breakaway Prodigy

Chapter 15: Hong Kong: China's Modern Frontier.

IV. Building a China Stock Guru Portfolio.

Chapter 16: Buying China Without Leaving Home.

Chapter 17: Understanding ADRs, ETFs and Mutual Funds.

Chapter 18: Identifying Value in Chinese Stocks.

Chapter 19: Assembling Your Portfolio and Performing Risk Management.

V. Conclusion: A Peek at Your Guru Future.