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Bloomberg Visual Guide to Municipal Bonds


The Bloomberg Visual series covers today's most relevant finance and trading topics ina comprehensive, yet easy-to-follow style.The content truly lives up to the series nameby examining concepts in a highly visualmanner—all charts are in color and presented in a large format for ease of use. Other strong visual attributes include consistent elements that function as additional learning aids for the reader, such as: Key Points, Definitions, Step-by-Step, Do It Yourself, and Bloomberg Visual series functionality.

And for e-reader users, the Bloomberg Visual series is available as an enhanced e-bookoffering special features, like a Test Yourself section where you can test your newly honed knowledge and skills. The enhanced e-book version also includes video tutorials and special pop-up features. It can be purchased wherever e-books are sold.

Bloomberg Visual Guide to municipal bonds

The Bloomberg Visual Guide to Municipal Bonds is the perfect resource for those who need to know about this market and its practices.

Written by Robert Doty—a financial professional who has participated in billions of dollars of successful transactions in municipal bonds and other municipal securities offerings—this book offers step-by-step guidance on the nature and diversity of municipal securities credit structures. It also clearly demonstrates the dependability of the overwhelming majority of municipal securities, and points out particular market sectors that may yield greater rewards, but also present greater risks.

Along the way, this reliable guide also directs you to good sources of up-to-date information as well as new market tools, by products of recent market enhancements, so as to assist you in making more informed investment decisions.

Engaging and informative, the Bloomberg Visual Guide to Municipal Bonds will put municipal securities in perspective and allow you to effectively implement them in your investment endeavors.

Robert Doty is President of AGFS, a private consulting company in Sacramento, California. He has held various important positions throughout his extensive career, including General Counsel to the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA); member of the Board of Governors of the National Federation of Municipal Analysts and the Federation's Disclosure Committee; Chair of the Section on Economic Development, Taxation, and Finance of the International Municipal Lawyers Association (IMLA); Vice President and member of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Independent Public Finance Advisors; and officer of committees and subcommittees of the National Association of Bond Lawyers and of the American Bar Association's Section of State and Local Government Law and Section of Business Law. Doty is a recipient of several awards, including the NFMA's Municipal Industry Contribution Award. He has participated in principal drafting roles for national and regional municipal disclosure and securities law guidance publications. Doty is the author of half a dozen books and over eighty articles on finance. His website is

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Preface xi

Chapter 1: Introduction 1

Chapter 2: Basic Information Resources 27

Chapter 3: General Obligation Securities 43

Chapter 4: General Fund and Other Municipal Securities 51

Chapter 5: Revenue Securities 71

Chapter 6: Greater Rewards and Greater Risks 79

Chapter 7: Considerations When Buying 91

Chapter 8: Municipal Securities Pricing and Trading 109

Chapter 9: Tax Exemption of Municipal Securities 121

Chapter 10: Understanding Expert Work Products 131

Chapter 11: Municipal Securities Regulation 139

Chapter 12: Investor Questions and Answers (Q&As) 147

Appendix A: Additional Resources for You 171

Appendix B: Bloomberg Functionality Cheat Sheet 179

About the Author 181

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