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Bullish Thinking: The Advisor's Guide to Surviving and Thriving on Wall Street


Praise for Bullish Thinking

"Bullish Thinking is a great read. The members of the Silver Institute truly enjoy Alden Cass's thought process as it relates to surviving in the fast-paced world of trading precious metals. I recommend this book to anyone involved in the financial services industry."
—Michael DiRienzo, Executive Director, The Silver Institute

"Bullish Thinking is a must-read book for sales professionals in every industry. Coping with adversity and emotional stress is an art that stock brokers, wealth advisors, and other financial professionals should acquire, in order to maintain stability, focus, and success in the office and in their personal life. I highly recommend this book to new and experienced advisors alike, as well as their managers, assistants, and staff."
—Tom Froehlich, CIMC, CIMA, Froehlich Financial Group, LTD, President, Wealth Advisor Institute

"Bullish Thinking is a powerful volume filled with positive thinking and hands-on strategies to help advisors and brokers change negative attitudes that affect their production, the running of their business, and their clients. A blueprint for success."
—Keith Gregg, President and co-CEO, First Allied Securities

"Dr. Cass's Bullish Thinking coaching, seminars, and private sessions have helped countless financial advisors, both in terms of their professional lives and their personal lives. Bullish Thinking is an excellent resource. The teamwork of Dr. Cass and Dr. Shaw is unmatched in the financial services industry."
—Leo Pusateri, President, Pusateri Consulting and Training, LLC, Buffalo; author, Mirror Mirror on the Wall Am I the Most Valued of Them All?

"Dr. Cass's and Dr. Shaw's observations are powerful and cut right to the underlying issues in our industry. Our only assets are people. They enter and leave the building every day. The health of our industry and the success of our clients are directly linked to the emotional well being of the professionals that serve."
—Timothy J. Pagliara, Managing Partner, Capital Trust Wealth Management

Dr. Alden Cass, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist and performance coach for competitiveexecutives, athletes, and musicians. He is President and Chief Consultant of Catalyst Strategies Group, a team of psychologists specializing in coaching financial services executives and individuals performing under stressful job conditions. Dr. Cass conducted the nation's first clinical investigation in twenty-five years on the mental health of stockbrokers. He also writes a Web column for Trader Monthly magazine and, and is a bimonthly columnist for On Wall Street magazine.

Dr. Brian F. Shaw, PhD, is a professor of psychiatry and public health science, a clinical psychologist,and one of the originators of applied cognitive-behavioral therapy. He is the coauthor of Addiction and Recovery For Dummies (Wiley) and Cognitive Therapy of Depression, and the principal of BFS Consulting, a sports and entertainment consulting firm based in Toronto, Canada.

SYDNEY LeBLANC is a thirty-year financial services industry veteran, journalist, publisher, and author, as well as a codirector of The Fisher LeBlanc Group.

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About the Authors.


Chapter 1. The Hard Issues on Your Desk.

What Is Driving You to Destruction?

The Reality of Life on the Street—and in the Office.

An Action-Oriented Solution: Introducing "Bullish Thinking".

Chapter 2. Emotional Issues.

The Red Flags of Discontent, Distress, Despair.

Are You a Perfectionist?

Using the Anchor Technique Successfully.

Curing Negative Behavior with Bullish Thinking™.

A Wall Street Tragedy: The Story of Dave.

What You Can Do Now.

Chapter 3. Bullish Thinking™.

How It Helped Dave Get Back on the Bull and Stopped the Bear from Growling.

The Continuing Saga of Dave: Helping Him Get Back on the Bull!

What Are the Consequences?

Dave Uses Bullish Thoughts.

How Will Dave's Quality of Life Improve?

Bullish Thinking Case in Point.

Irrational Exuberance, Mania, and Hypomania.

Use Bullish Thinking as Your Personal Check-and-Balance System.

Chapter 4. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.

It's About Introspection, After All.

Who Are You?

You're Happy…Now What's the Problem?

You're Afraid…Who Isn't?

Rookies: Can You Stick Around for a Year?

Rookies Can Do a 180 Degree Turn.

Are Wealth Managers Immune from Stress?

Chapter 5. Plight of the Wholesaler.

Heroes or Villains?

Can't We All Just Get Along?

The Plight of the Wholesaler.

Personal Challenges: The Sales "Monkey" on Your Back.

Wholesaler Personality Types.

Understanding the Personality Types of Advisors.

Chapter 6. Do You Know Your Mindset Style?

Why You Act and React the Way You Do.

"I Don't Disagree with You".

Mindset: The Decision Maker/ Problem Solver.

Mindset: The Catalyst.

Mindset: The Voice of Reason.

Mindset: The Contrarian.

Mindset: The Perfectionist/Facts and Details.

Do It for Your Clients.

Can You Really Change or Adapt Your Style?

Chapter 7. The 10 Investor Styles.

How to Interact with Them Successfully.

Rationale for Understanding Investor Types/Profiles.

Characteristics of the Ten Investor Profiles.

How You Interact With Your Investors' Profiles.

The Top Do's and Don'ts of Working with Specific Investor Profiles.


Chapter 8. Getting What You Want and Need from Others.

How to Use the H.A.R.D - E Technique.

Burnout: The Beast Within.

How to Be Heard: The H.A.R.D - E Technique.

So How Do You Begin?

Working Together over the Long Haul.

Chapter 9. Family Therapy for Brokers.

Your Challenges Away From the Office.

What Is Anger, and What Provokes You?

Channeling the Anger and Rage.

How to Channel a Crisis into Productivity.

How to Ask for Help.

Teams are Families, Too.

Chapter 10. Gender Challenges on the Street.

Role Discrepancies.

Plight of the Female Broker.

Sexual Harassment: Real or Just Hypersensitivity?

Emotion at Work and Home.

Survival Skills in the Wall Street Jungle.

Survival Skills Outside of the Office.

Seeking Treatment: Don't Let Your Emotions Stop You.

Don't Mess With Me; I'm Organized, Ready, and In Control: Case Study.

Chapter 11. You Are Not Alone.

How to Ask For the Help You Need.

You Feelings Are Real; But Your Thoughts Are Deceiving You.

The Darkest Place.

Mental Disorders Rear Their Head.

Case Study: Dennis.

Case Study: Daniel.

The Last Word . . . the First Step.

Appendix A. Dr. Alden Cass' Landmark Research Study.

Casualties of Wall Street: An Assessment of the Walking Wounded.









Appendix B. Bad Medicine for Wall Street.

Alcohol Use and Other Substance Abuse Trends during War and other Catastrophic Events.


Bad Medicine for Wall Street: Alcohol Use Trends During War.




Design and Procedure.


Respondent Information.

Demographic Information of Respondents.

Findings Regarding Hypotheses.

Findings Regarding Specific Drinking Behaviors on the AUDIT.


Recommended Readings and Resources.

Rehabilitation Facilities.