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Bull's Eye Investing: Targeting Real Returns in a Smoke and Mirrors Market


Praise for Bull's Eye Investing

"This book has more wisdom per page than any reader has the right to ask for. John Mauldin knows the score and tells the reader how to join him in keeping count."
––Peter L. Bernstein, author of the bestseller Against the Gods

"John Mauldin's widely heralded new book, Bull's Eye Investing, is a breath of fresh air and a treasure trove of market insights and information. When you think you've read 'em all, my suggestion is that you turn to this book. Simply put, Bull's Eye Investing provides information and perspective that you will not find anywhere else."
––Richard Russell, publisher of Dow Theory Letters

"Bull's Eye Investing is a lucidly written, lambently cautionary, edifying, and diverting must-read guide to the ways and means of hitting the gyrating target of a ‘Muddle Through Economy.' Mauldin is the Ben Graham of the new millennium, but unlike Graham, he combines investment savvy with a sense of humor and a gift of style."
––George Gilder, author of Wealth and Poverty and the editor of the Gilder Technology Report

"Mauldin dances and weaves through a mountain of fascinating research, taking us on a well-argued tour of the past and giving us a spellbinding preview of the future. He then lays out in clearly documented detail where the investment opportunities and pitfalls of the next decade will be. In a world where the right investment information is the key to success, Bull's Eye Investing is one book that should be close to every investor's desk."
––Bill Bonner, author of the New York Times #1 business bestseller, Financial Reckoning Day

"This book is lucid, cogent, and useful. Overall, it provides an excellent guide to better investing habits and an effective antidote to standard Wall Street bromides."
––Robert R. Prechter Jr., author of Conquer the Crash

"Finally, an easy-to-read but very comprehensive study on investments in a world where, sadly, common sense is no longer so common."
––Marc Faber, editor of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report

JOHN MAULDIN is President of Millennium Wave Investments. Mauldin has established himself as a savvy observer of the economy and investment arena. Over one million loyal readers receive his thoughtful weekly views on the economy and the markets. He has more than twenty years' experience in the investment arena, with a wide array of responsibilities. He is a recognized investment expert, particularly on the subject of hedge funds and alternative investments. A sought-after speaker, he is frequently quoted in the financial press throughout the world and broadcast media. Mauldin works out of offices overlooking right field of The Ballpark in Arlington, the home of the Texas Rangers. For more information on John, see the "About the Author" section of this book or log on to


1. Car Wreck, Traffic Jam, or Freeway?

2. Faith versus History.

3. The Trend Is Your Friend (Until It Isn’t).

4. Catching the Next Wave.

5. Into the Matrix: History’s Guide to Realistic Expectations.

6. Financial Physics: Interconnected Relationships.

7. Risky Expectations.

8. Plausible Expectations: A Realistic Appraisal of the Prospects for Earnings Growth.

9. Pension Fund Problems in Your Backyard.

10. The Issue of Retirement in an Aging World: Is It Something in the Water?

11. Demography Is Destiny.

12. King Dollar and the Guillotine.

13. The Muddle Through Economy.

14. Chairman Greenspan and the Shoot-Out at the OK Corral.

15. Why Investors Fail: Analyzing Risk.

16. Taking Stock: The Fundamental Nature of Bull’s Eye Investing.

17. Bringing Out Your Inner Spock.

18. The Value in Stocks.

19. Investing in Bonds: Or the Sisyphus Syndrome.

20. Hedge Funds 101: The Basics.

21. Investing in a Fund of Hedge Funds.

22. Doing Your Due Diligence.

23. All That Glitters, Etc.

24. Bull’s Eye Investing.

Appendix A: Suggested Reading Material.

Appendix B: Bond Information.

Appendix C: Hedge Fund Industry Resources.

Appendix D: Hedge Fund Net Worth Requirements: Why a Million Isn’t Always Enough.

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