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Buy and Hold Is Dead: How to Make Money and Control Risk in Any Market


Buy and Hold Is Dead

Take control of your financial life!

"Losing less" is never the goal of solid investing over time, regardless of the overall market conditions. This timely guide offers a step-by-step educational process by which traders and investors learn how they can protect their wealth and make money no matter where the market goes.

Buy and Hold Is Dead dispels old-school investment techniques and shows you how to maximize your returns without sacrificing time or lifestyle—and without the use of a money manager. It offers practical, proactive trading¿strategies that will help you protect your wealth and make money in any market environment. These strategies integrate both risk control and opportunity in a methodical, structured, and easy-to-follow design that can be used at all times. They will empower you to invest successfully, no matter what the economy or stock market may seem to be suggesting.

You can do better than your money managers and make money in a volatile market—and this book will show you how. Risk control is your competitive advantage.

Thomas H. Kee Jr. is President and CEO of Stock Traders Daily. His reports and analysis are currently featured by Reuters Research for their institutional clients. Kee writes a monthly column for MarketWatch and provides economic analysis and forecasting to a variety of institutional and retail clients. He had worked with Smith Barney, A.G. Edwards, and Morgan Stanley before founding Stock Traders Daily in January of 2000.


Chapter 1 The Investment Rate.

Chapter 2 Keep It Simple Sweetheart.

Chapter 3 Brackish Investors and Their Impending Doom.

Chapter 4 Golden Handcuffs.

Chapter 5 Since When Has Losing Less Become a Winning Strategy?

Chapter 6 Redefining Balance.

Chapter 7 Contemporary Darwinism.

Chapter 8 A Proactive Aversion.

Chapter 9 Embracing Independence.

Chapter 10 Ahead of the Curve.

Chapter 11 2009 - Return to Parity.

Chapter 12 Personal Balance Sheet.

Chapter 13 Every Day Is a Tuesday.

Chapter 14 The Game Plan.

Chapter 15 Oscillation Cycles.

Chapter 16 The Golden Sequence.

Chapter 17 Rule Based Trading Strategies.

Chapter 18 Automated Trading.

Chapter 19 A Greater Depression.

Final Thoughts Welcome to the Comfort Zone.

Appendix A Real-Life Example. 

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