Capital Markets and Institutions: A Global View


This book shows how financial intermediaries interact to influence and develop global financial markets. It includes material on central banks such as the Bundesbank, the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan, and the Federal Reserve Bank and discusses the activities of the BIS, IMF and World Bank.

Part I: The Role of Financial Institutions
* Finance and You
* Private Financial Intermediaries
* The World's Central Banks and Regulatory Authorities
* Monetary Policy
* Regulatory Policy
* Clearing and Settlement of Transactions
Part II: Valuation Models
* Computing Interest Rates and Risk Exposure
* Computing Foreign Exchange Rates and Risk Exposure
* Market Risk Measurement
Part III: Debt & Equity Markets
* The Federal Funds Market
* Repurchase Agreements
* Eurocurrencies
* Bankers Acceptances, Letters of Credit, and Certificates of Deposit
* Commercial Paper and Loan Commitments
* Government Securities
* Corporate Bonds
* Equity
Part IV: Derivatives Markets
* Financial Futures and Forward Contracts
* Financial Options
* Swaps
* Mortgage-Backed Securities