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Case Studies in Islamic Banking and Finance


Case Studies in Islamic Banking and Finance is a pioneering resource that provides practical insights into the real world of Islamic financial transactions, and illustrates the complexities of this rapidly growing mode of modern finance.

Based around 12 individual cases, the book stimulates discussion and develops the reader's understanding of Islamic finance by contrasting the theoretical concepts discussed in the author's companion text Introduction to Islamic Banking and Finance with practical real world situations. The cases cover core Islamic banking and finance topics including the Ijara, Mudaraba and Musharaka contracts; Islamic mortgages for home finance; leverage; and issues involved in opening an Islamic bank. Financial statement analysis for Islamic banks, the implications for fund management for equity investing and the impact of loan defaults on Islamic and conventional banks are also included. Each chapter concludes with a set of questions designed to test the reader's understanding of each case, with suggested solutions at the end of the book.

This book is a must have resource for those wishing to apply their understanding of this complex subject and is an essential read for anyone seeking practical examples of how to apply the concepts in a real world environment.

Brian Kettell has a wealth of practical experience in the area of Islamic banking and finance. He worked for several years as an Advisor for the Central Bank of Bahrain where he had numerous Islamic banking responsibilities.

Subsequently, Brian taught courses on Islamic banking and finance at a range of financial institutions including the World Bank, National Commercial Bank (Saudi Arabia), Global Investment House (Kuwait), Noor Islamic Bank (UAE), the UK Treasury, the Central Bank of Iran, the Central Bank of Syria, the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment, the Institute for Financial Services and Scotland Yard.

Brian's vast academic expertise in Islamic finance is highlighted by his role as former Joint Editor of the Islamic Finance Qualification Handbook and his past teaching work at a number of top universities worldwide including the London School of Economics, the City University of Hong Kong, the American University of the Middle East in Kuwait and London Metropolitan University Business School.

Brian's impressive list of publications include over 100 articles in journals, business magazines and the financial press including Islamic Business and Finance, Islamic Banking and Finance, the Central Banking Journal, Euromoney, the Securities Journal and the International Currency Review. He has also published 6 books on Islamic banking and financial markets.

What are the principles of Islamic banking and finance?

Case Study 1.The Ijara Contract as a mode of Islamic Finance.

Case Study 2. The Musharaka Contract as a mode of Islamic Finance.

Case Study 3. The Diminishing Musharaka Contract as a mode of Islamic Finance.

Case Study 4.1.The Mudaraba Contract as a mode of Islamic Finance.

Case Study 4.2.The Mudaraba contracts with multiple financing options.

Case Study 5. Murabaha, Musharaka, Ijara and Ijara Wa-Iktina.

Case Study 6. Islamic Mortgages for Home Finance.

Case Study 7. Sources of Finance for Islamic Banks: An Application of Profit and Loss Sharing.

Case Study 8. Financial Statement Analysis for Islamic Banks.

Case Study 9. Islamic Investment Prohibitions.

Case Study 10. Issues involved in creating an Islamic bank within a western regulatory framework : the case of the Islamic Bank of Britain.

Case Study 11. Leverage and Islamic Banking.

Case Study 12. Impact of Loan Defaults on Islamic and Conventional Banks.

A glossary of Islamic banking and finance terms.

Case Answers.