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Catalysing Development?: A Debate on Aid


In this volume, a select group of experts puts development aid under the microscope. Examining its history, its rationale, and its effectiveness, they reach some challenging conclusions as to the part aid plays in catalysing, or indeed stifling, development. While some argue that aid remains vital, and must be maintained or increased, others are more sceptical, and fear that it may even prolong underdevelopment in certain circumstances.

The contributors to this volume have all worked in, or been closely connected with, international development. They have experience of different aspects of development aid, and thus offer a wide range of fascinating insights and perspectives on this vital subject.

Jan P. Pronk was Minister for Development Co-operation of the Netherlands from 1974 to 1977, and from 1989 to 1998, and Minister for Environment from 1998 to 2002. He now holds a Chair in the Theory and Practice of International Development at the Institute of Social Studies, The Hague.
Preface from the Editors of Development and Change.

1. Aid as a Catalyst Jan P. Pronk.

2. Unpacking Aid James K. Boyce.

3. Aid as a Flight Forward Louis Emmerij.

4. Aid is an Unreliable Joystick Gus Edgren.

5. Development Goals, Governance and Capacity Building: Aid as a Catalyst John Degnbol-Martinussen.

6. Age of Reverse Aid: Neoliberalism as Catalyst of Regression James Petras and Henry Veltmeyer.

7. Aid, Conditionality and Development Ajit Singh.

8. The Effectiveness of Policy Conditionality: Eight Country Experiences A. Geske Dijkstra.

9. Aid and the Geopolitics of the Post-Colonial: Critical Reflections on New Labour’s Overseas Development Strategy David Slater and Morag Bell.

10. Good Governance and Aid: Selectivity Criteria in Development Assistance Wil Hout.

11. International Development Targets and Official Development Assistance Santosh Mehrotra.

12. Aid Effectiveness and Policy Ownership Rehman Sobhan.

13. It is Possible to Just Give Money to the Poor Joseph Hanlonn Pronk.

14. Aid as a Catalyst: A Rejoinder Jan P. Pronk.