Coach Yourself to Success: Winning the Investment Game


Praise for Coach Yourself to Success

"Knowing how to make money and hold onto your money has never been easy. Joe's strategies are clear, accessible, and performance based. Joe, thanks for taking the mystery out of investing."
—Maria Bartiromo, host and managing editor of the nationally syndicated program the Wall Street Journal Report with Maria Bartiromo and CNBC's Closing Bell.

"Leave it to Joe to look out for the rest of us Joes and Joannes. Practical. Useful. Meaningful. The man who democratized trading has now leveled the playing field."
—Neil Cavuto, Vice President of FOX News Channel, host of Your World with Neil Cavuto and author of the New York Times bestseller, More than Money

"Joe Moglia has provided a coach's playbook for everyone. This is an invaluable tool for executing the right investing moves to win the game!"
—Bill Bolster, former CEO CNBC, CNBC Intl.

"If there is a parallel between football and investing, it is that to be successful you have to stick to the fundamentals. 'Coach' Joe Moglia lays out the fundamentals for you in a concise, straightforward manner. Read it and win."
—Vince Lombardi, Jr.

"Coach Joe Moglia knows the game and knows it well. His clearly written book is indispensable for the novice and great fun for the knowledgeable."
—Bob Kerrey, President, New School University

"As the president of Ameritrade, Joe Moglia revolutionized online trading, making individual investors successful as never before. In Coach Yourself to Success, Moglia's insights give individual investors a new and powerful tool to achieve their financial objectives."
—Roger McNamee, cofounder of Elevation Partners, Silver Lake Partners, and Integral Capital Partners, and author of The New Normal

Joe Moglia, CEO of Ameritrade since the spring of 2001, has a long career in the investment business. He joined Ameritrade from Merrill Lynch, where he last served as head of all investment products for private clients, as well as the firm's insurance company and 401(k) business. Prior to entering the financial services industry, Moglia coached football for sixteen years, authored a book on football, and finished his coaching career as the defensive coordinator at Dartmouth College. Moglia holds a master's degree in education from the University of Delaware and a bachelor's degree in economics from Fordham University.
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PART ONE: The Basic Tools of Investing.

The Pregame Show.

Chapter 1: Stocks.

Why We Own Them.

Spotting a Stock that Is Ripe for the Picking.

Where Stocks Are Bought and Sold.

How to Place a Trade.

Trading Strategies.

When to Hold, When to Fold.

Chapter 2: Bonds.

Basic Bond Features.

Bonds in the Marketplace.

Bond Issuers.

Municipal Bonds.

Government-Sponsored Enterprises.


Bond Ratings.

Risk: When Bad Things Happen to Good Bonds.

It Looks Like a Bond and Acts Like a Bond, but It’s a.…

Chapter 3: Cash.

Interest-Bearing Checking Accounts.

Savings Accounts.

Money Market Funds.

Taxable Funds.

Tax-Exempt Money Funds.

Money Market Accounts.

Chapter 4: Mutual Funds.

Exactly What Are Mutual Funds?

Funds: Better than Individual Stocks and Bonds?

Stock Funds.

Bond Funds.

Index Funds.

How to Pick a Fund.

Chapter 5: Exchange-Traded Funds.

Recipe for an Exchange Traded Fund.

Structure of ETFs.

PART TWO: The Fundamental Principles of Investing.

Half-Time Report.

Chapter 6: Goals.


College Costs.

Lifestyle Goals.

Chapter 7: Risk Tolerance.

No Pain, No Gain / No Risk, No Return.

Types of Risk.

Test Yourself: Just How Much Risk Can You Tolerate.

Ways to Contain Risk.

Chapter 8: Asset Allocation.

The Basics.

Types of Allocation.

Where to Begin.

More Assets, More Allocation.

So How Do You Fill in Your Portfolio’s Blanks?

Chapter 9: Monitoring and Rebalancing.

What’s Wrong with Holding onto Winners.

Know What You Really Own.

The Rebalancing Act: How It’s Done.

When to Rebalance: Pick a Day, Any Day.

Chapter 10: Execute Your Investment Plan.

The Self-Directed Investor: You and an On-Line Brokerage Firm.

Financial Planners.

Fee-Only Financial Advisors.

The Full-Service Brokerage Firm.

PART THREE: The Postgame Show.

Chapter 11: A New Way to Invest.