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Combat Finance: How Military Values and Discipline Will Help You Achieve Financial Freedom


In this book, Kurt Neddenriep, a Senior Vice President at a major investment firm who also served a tour in Afghanistan, develops a set of leadership and service values to help individuals and families to consistently achieve financial success. A comprehensive guide to personal finance, this book is informed by the author’s expertise in the financial industry and framed within the lessons, clear thinking and organization he learned over the course of a parallel 23-year career in the Army National Guard of Nevada.  The book will tell the stories of those who serve our country and how their values, discipline, and morals can teach us financial lessons in our personal lives, taking military principles and tactics and using them to explain finances for the mainstream American.

The book covers:

  • Mortgages
  • Savings
  • Insurance
  • Portfolio diversity

Preface ix

Acknowledgments xi

Introduction xv

Chapter 1: Basic Training 1

Chapter 2: The Purpose and Importance of Reserves 27

Chapter 3: Choose Your FOB Wisely 47

Chapter 4: Me and the Sergeant Major, We Love Training 65

Chapter 5: Protect the Home Front 85

Chapter 6: The Value of Advice 111

Chapter 7: Turning Your Strategic Objectives into Mission Statements 133

Chapter 8: Build Your Armed Forces, Not a Gun Collection 151

Chapter 9: Why We Fight 169

Afterword 177

Glossary 187

About the Author 193

Index 195