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Conquering Trader Sabotage: Building Positive Beliefs and Emotions To Achieve Maximum Trading Success


Trading money is psychologically demanding. The fear of losing money versus the dream of riches leads to emotional, irrational decisions at virtually every step of trader development. In this helpful video, author and trading coach Adrienne Toghraie identifies the 15 self-sabotage issues that interfere with traders achieving their full potential. She notes that most traders—even those who are profitable—are prone to psychological blocks that undermine full success. Overly confident traders may skip needed preparation and break their own rules. Others, fearing failure, may not follow their own systems because they don't want to suffer the pain of losing money. Toghraie identifies the 15 most common sabotage traps; explains the emotional anchors that support the trap; suggests how traders can re-frame negative beliefs and transform negative emotional anchors into positive anchors. Toghraie's approach encourages traders to look within themselves and uncover the beliefs and associated emotional anchors that are holding them back. Once the negative belief/anchor is identified, the trader can re-frame the emotion and transform the belief to create better outcomes. Illuminating and easy to understand, the video helps you:

  • Identify obstacles holding you back
  • Learn to think of money as "inventory" for your trading business
  • See the connection between negative beliefs and negative emotions
  • Learn how to question and re-frame negative beliefs
  • Learn how to transform negative emotions

While mastering the psychological skills of trading is vital, it is not itself a recipe for success. Traders must do the hard work of developing an approach that they are comfortable with and have thoroughly tested in the marketplace. This video allows you to then examine yourself to make sure nothing is holding you back from successful trading.