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Contrary Opinion: Using Sentiment to Profit in the Futures Markets


Measure market sentiment and predict market trends.

Contrary opinion is the opposite opinion of the sentiment held by the majority. If eighty percent of traders are bearish then a bullish view would be a contrary opinion. As developer of the Bullish Consensus, R. Earl Hadady has fine-tuned sentiment, measuring the opinion of a specific majority, to a calculable figure. Traders can now develop a winning trading plan around the Bullish Consensus and buy or sell as warranted by its numbers.

Examines in-depth the workings of the futures markets and how market sentiment affects those markets.
* Demonstrates that the trend of the market is actually a reflection of the trend of market sentiment

Earl Hadady (Glendora, CA) is the author of the first edition of Contrary Opinion: How to Use it for Profit in Trading Commodity Futures. Mr. Hadady is a renowned expert in contrary opinion.

Little-Known Facts.

Workings of the Futures Markets.

Market Parameters.

Using Sentiment to Analyze the Markets.

Contrary Opinion.

How Market Sentiment Is Compiled.

History of Market Sentiment.

Market Composition.

Trading to Win.

Market Sentiment in Action.