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Corporate Financial Strategy and Decision Making to Increase Shareholder Value


A buzzword on Wall Street, everyone is interested in increasing "shareholder value." Corporate executives, CEOs, board members, and managers all talk of ways to maximize shareholder value, while growing their businesses. In Corporate Financial Strategy and Decision Making, Harold Bierman discusses all the financial strategies managers should follow to increase shareholder value. He covers corporate financial planning, financial strategies, alternative sources of funds, and other financial angles for managers of all levels. This comprehensive guide also includes in-depth explanations of dividend policy-making, mergers & acquisitions, capital structure, and risk management.


1. Corporate Financial Planning and Strategy.

2. Common Stock.

3. The Use of Preferred Stock.

4. The Nature of Debt.

5. The Analysis of Buy Versus Lease.

6. Convertible Bonds.

7. Financial and Operating Leverage.

8. Capital Structure: The Weighted Average Cost of Capital.

9. Dividend Policy.

10. Repurchase of Common Sock by the Corporate Issuer.

11. Valuation of an Acquisition.

12. Mergers and Acquisitions.

13. Risk Management.

14. Corporate Capital and the Put-Call Parity.

15. Performance Measurement.

16. Financial Strategy and Policy.

17. Ten Ways to Increase Shareholder Value with Financial Decisions.