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Create Your Own Hedge Fund: Increase Profits and Reduce Risks with ETFs and Options


Options writing made simple for the layman.
—James Altucher, author of Trade Like a Hedge Fund

"One of the clearest explanations of how to use options as they were originally intended: as a component of an overall strategy in conjunction with other positions."
—Robert V. Green, Investment Strategist,

"Wolfinger combines the versatility of options and the benefits of diversified exchanged traded funds to present an amazing new form of low-risk, enhanced return investing. Whether you are new to options and ETFs or a long-time trader, the book details a straightforward, simple-to-follow method of creating a hedged portfolio in any market condition with significant returns."
—Philip Budwick, coauthor of The Option Trader Handbook: Strategies and Trade Adjustments

Innovative techniques for combining two popular trading tools—option writing and ETFs—into one practical and profitable investment strategy

To provide their clients with consistently better-than-average returns, successful hedge fund managers can choose from an impressive array of investment vehicles. Create Your Own Hedge Fund reveals how to combine two of these tools, option writing and exchange traded funds (ETFs), into a powerful technique that will provide the benefits of a hedge fund—managed risk exposure and better-than-average returns—without the six-figure initial investment requirements.

Detailing every aspect of this solid and straightforward procedure, veteran market maker and trader Mark Wolfinger explains:

  • The superiority of ETFs over traditional mutual funds
  • Two options strategies designed to generate cash flow—covered call writing and uncovered put writing
  • How the two investments work in concert to provide excellent returns in bull markets while reducing bear market losses

On their own, options and ETFs are among today's most popular investment choices. Create Your Own Hedge Fund details a strategy for combining the two into a powerful investment approach that reduces risk while enhancing returns, and is suitable for knowledgeable investors of all types and temperaments.

Mark D. Wolfinger has been in the options business since 1977, starting as a market maker on the trading floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange. He also worked for trading companies as an off-floor trader, trainer of newly hired traders, and risk manager. For the past four years, Mark has served as an educator of public investors, showing them how to intelligently and conservatively use stock options. This is his second book on options.


PART I: Outperforming the Market.

CHAPTER 1: Modern Portfolio Theory.

CHAPTER 2: Can You Beat the Market? Should You Try?

CHAPTER 3: Hedge Funds.

PART II: Exchange Traded Funds.

CHAPTER 4: A Brief History of Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds.

CHAPTER 5: Traditional Mutual Funds.

CHAPTER 6: Exchange Traded Funds.

PART III: Options.

CHAPTER 7: What Is an Option and How Does an Option Work?

CHAPTER 8: More Options Basics.

CHAPTER 9: Why Investors Buy and Sell Options.

CHAPTER 10: Option Strategies You Can Use to Make Money: Covered Call Writing.

CHAPTER 11: Option Strategies You Can Use to Make Money: Uncovered Put Writing.

CHAPTER 12: Historical Data: BuyWrite Index and Volatility Index.

PART IV: Putting It All Together.

CHAPTER 13: Building a Portfolio.

CHAPTER 14: Finding Your Style: Choosing an Option to Write.

CHAPTER 15: Covered Call Writing in Action: A Year of Trading.

CHAPTER 16: Uncovered Put Writing in Action.

CHAPTER 17: Odds and Ends and Conclusion.