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Creating a Portfolio like Warren Buffett: A High Return Investment Strategy



"Jeeva Ramaswamy distills Warren Buffett's ideas into various useful and highly practical checklists that should be of immense help to all investors, big and small."
--Prem C. Jain, author of Buffett Beyond Value

"Creating a Portfolio like Warren Buffett is a thoughtful guide to building permanent wealth in the stock market. It is a valuable addition to any dedicated investor's library."
--Janet Lowe, author and speaker

"This book offers a thoughtful overview of the approach and techniques that helped Warren Buffett become the greatest investor in the world. A very worthwhile complement to any serious value investor's library."
--Sham Gad, author of The Business of Value Investing

Creating a Portfolio Like Warren Buffett: A High Return Investment Strategy puts the investing genius of one of the most successful men alive at your disposal. Filled with information on actual successful trades that Buffett has pulled off over the last six decades, the book distills these principles to help you assess, prepare for, execute, and even exit specific investments when the time is right.

Author Jeeva Ramaswamy has put these principles to use in his own investing career, and now you can too. Giving readers a complete overview of Buffett's methodologies and how to apply them, the book is a step-by-step stock research checklist and comprehensive guide to investing and managing a successful stock portfolio.

Packed with specific stock examples, real-life calculations, and expert tips, Creating a Portfolio Like Warren Buffett is your guide to harnessing the wisdom of an investing legend.

Jeeva Ramaswamy is a managing partner of GJ Investment Funds, an investment fund modeled after the original 1950s Buffett partnership, that has delivered a compounded annual return of over 72 percent (net to investors). He has been profiled in International Alternative Investment Review and Prior to joining GJ Investment Funds, he was CEO of Miracle Software Inc., an information technology and solutions company.

Acknowledgments xi

PART I: Warren Buffett Investment Principles 1

Chapter 1: Replicating Warren Buffett’s Investment Success 3

Chapter 2: Business-Like Investing 9

Chapter 3: Long-Term Investing 21

Chapter 4: Permanent Loss of Capital 31

PART II: Stock Research Checklist 35

Chapter 5: Stock Research Checklist--Business Characteristics 37

Chapter 6: Stock Research Checklist--Earnings 49

Chapter 7: Stock Research Checklist--Debt 65

Chapter 8: Stock Research Checklist--Equity 75

Chapter 9: Stock Research Checklist--Profit Margin 79

Chapter 10: Stock Research Checklist--Capital Investment 85

Chapter 11: Stock Research Checklist--Management 95

Chapter 12: Stock Research Checklist--Dividend 107

Chapter 13: Stock Research Checklist--Assets 111

Chapter 14: Stock Research Checklist--Inventory 119

Chapter 15: Stock Research Checklist--Share Buybacks 121

Chapter 16: Stock Research Checklist--Insiders 127

Chapter 17: Stock Research Checklist--Institutional 133

Chapter 18: Stock Research Checklist--Inflation 137

Chapter 19: Stock Research Checklist--Cyclical Company 139

Chapter 20: Stock Research Checklist--Turnaround 143

Chapter 21: Stock Research Checklist--Stock Price 159

Chapter 22: Stock Research Checklist--Infosys 165

Chapter 23: Intrinsic Value 191

PART III: Investment Management 203

Chapter 24: Margin of Safety 205

Chapter 25: Where to Search for Stock Prospects 211

Chapter 26: Portfolio Management 223

Chapter 27: Selling Strategy 235

Chapter 28: Mr. Market and Investor Psychology 239

Chapter 29: Risk Management 253

Chapter 30: Options 259

Chapter 31: Cigar-Butt 263

Chapter 32: No Shortcut Approach 265

Chapter 33: Perfect Pitch 269

Notes 271

About the Author 277

Index 279