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Credit Spreads and Iron Condors: New Tactics to Collect Premium and Lower Risk


Introducing two, powerful new options trading strategies guaranteed to minimize risk and commission cost while maximizing your winning percentages

 If you’re looking for an options strategy you can trade every month with minimal risk and commission costs, look no further. Presented by Marty Kearney, a highly popular instructor at The Options Institute at the CBOE, this DVD course introduces you to two such strategies--the credit spread and the iron condor. Kearney walks you, step-by-step through both strategies, using dozens of up-to-the-minute, real-world case examples to illustrate how the strategies work and to explore the various pros, cons and tradeoffs of each.  With the help of a comprehensive online manual, he provides you with the calculations for minimum risk and margin requirement and shows you how to manage your positions.

  •  Features in-depth discussions of various indexes, ETFs and the best options to use when trading either strategy
  • Clearly illustrates how the credit spread and the iron condor  volatility, time decay, and the “Greeks” and other key market variables
  • Shows how to manage positions, and even share with you a bonus strategy--the skip-strike butterfly, an alternative strategy that, like the other two, will allow you to limit risk while collecting premium. 
  • Shares a bonus strategy, the skip-strike butterfly--and alternative strategy that, like the credit spread and iron condor allows you to limit risk while boosting your percentages


Marty Kearney is a popular senior instructor with the Options Institute, the educational arm of the Chicago Board Options Exchange. He has helped brokers develop new business with conservative option strategy such as covered-writing and portfolio hedging, and trained brokerage firms' compliance department staff. Kearney has also been a regular contributor to many news services including Reuters, Group W, The CBS Radio Network, Derivatives Week, Barron's, Fortune, Ticker Magazine, SFO Magazine, CNBC, Bloomberg, NPR, and others.