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Crowdfunding: A Guide to Raising Capital on the Internet



“Dresner leads the crowdfunding revolution with this comprehensive book to help understand how to raise money or invest money on the Internet. Dive in and learn to run with the crowds!”
—Tim Draper, Founding Partner, Draper Fisher Jurvetson

“If you’re a company looking to raise money or if you’re an investor, crowdfunding can be a powerful force. Steven is helping to explain how you can benefit from the disruptive power of crowdfunding.”
—Ryan Caldbeck, CEO, CircleUp

“This book is an informative collection of stories from finance leaders and a colorful read for those who wish to better understand the dynamic universe of crowdfunding.”
—Congressman Patrick McHenry

“Written by some of the leading crowdfunding experts, this book is sure to be an indispensable resource for entrepreneurs.”
—Amy Cortese, author, Locavesting

STEVEN DRESNER is the founder and CEO of which provides software for deal marketing and transaction analysis. Steven’s experience includes managing businesses in the areas of software development, financial databases, and media. Steven has a BS in psychology and both an MBA in finance and a graduate degree in computer communications and networks. Steven is co-author and editor of two prior books on financing strategies and is frequently quoted in the media on ways companies can successfully raise capital.

Acknowledgments ix

Introduction xi

Part I. The Business of Crowdfunding 1

Chapter 1 Crowdfunding: A Historical Perspective 3
Jason Best and Sherwood Neiss

Chapter 2 Understanding the “Crowd” 15
Karen Kerrigan

Chapter 3 A Statistical View of Crowdfunding 31
Carl Esposti

Chapter 4 Current Market Dynamics 47
Andrew Dix and Charles Luzar

Part II. Prepa ring for your Crowdfunding campaign 81

Chapter 5 Business Planning in Preparation for a Crowdfunding Campaign 83
David Feldman

Chapter 6 Protecting Your Intellectual Property 97
Michael J. Allan and Tremayne M. Norris

Chapter 7 Understanding Your Investor Options 111
Reginald Chambers

Chapter 8 Communicating with Your Investors or “Backers” 127
Joy Schoffler

Chapter 9 Alternatives to Crowdfunding 145
David R. Burton

Part III. Understanding the Framework of Rules and Regulations 163

Chapter 10 The Legal Aspects of Crowdfunding and U.S. Law 165
Joan MacLeod Heminway

Chapter 11 Crowdfunding Laws Based on Global Jurisdiction 199
Jeff Lynn and Kristof De Buysere

Chapter 12 Living with the New Reg D and Its Impact on Pitch Events and Demo Days 213
Kiran Lingam, Trent Dykes, and Megan Muir

Afterword 227

About the Author 233

About the Contributors 235

Author’s Disclaimer 241

Index 243