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Debt Man Walking: A 10-Step Investment and Gearing Guide for Generation X


The key to wealth is... a four-letter word.

Debt, growth assets and time are the perfect ingredients for Generation X to create real wealth.

If you were born in the '60s or '70s, remember Billy Ray Cyrus,  BMX Bandits, Sony Walkmans, the fall of the Berlin Wall,  ‘Who Shot JR?', the dot-eating Pac-Man -- and you're  wondering how any of that could improve your financial  position -- then this book is wa-a-ay overdue. Debt Man Walking will have you marching to a different financial  beat, because Gen X's money needs are distinctive. Inside this  book you'll discover:

  • how to maximise your opportunities using investment debt
  • that there are actually three types of debt: dumb, okay and great
  • that your ‘relative' youth + diversification = wealth
  • how you can double your super nest egg in 15 minutes
  • why life as a Gen Xer is an excellent adventure ... dude.

Bruce Brammall is a successful investor, best-selling author, financial adviser, business journalist, columnist... and, by pure luck, a Gen Xer. Now, as Debt Man, he has donned his gearing cape, exited  the phone box and is ready to save his Slacker generation with a clearly articulated 10-step plan to help them supercharge their finances.
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Prologue xvii

Introduction 1

Step 1: Write your own ticket 17

Step 2: Money’s simple rules 33

Step 3: Risky business 53

Step 4: Gen X’s investment edge 75

Step 5: Home: investment central 107

Step 6: Investing: the debt mantra 123

Step 7: Tax, Santa and other little helpers 153

Step 8: Blockbuster budgeting 175

Step 9: Cover your ass(ets) 193

Step 10: Choose your own … neverending story 217

Conclusion 245

Appendix A: The X-Flips 247

Appendix B: 50 investment, gearing and ‘Gen X Rules’ rules 253

Appendix C: Glossary 261

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