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Dictionary of Financial Engineering


Financial Engineering

Over 2,000 Terms Explained

"An Excellent Reference That Articulates, Clarifies, and Explains the Language of Financial Engineering in a Concise and Easily Understood Method."-David Krell, President and CEO, International Securities Exchange

The rapidly evolving field of financial engineering-with its ever-growing vocabulary--necessitates a reference that provides professionals with a quick, clear sense of the meanings of the terms they encounter in their work. Compiled by a leader in financial engineering education, the Dictionary of Financial Engineering is a one-of-a-kind resource that:
* Defines and explains terms and concepts related to derivatives, risk management, new financial products, and techniques that are specific to the field of financial engineering--one of the fastest growth areas in finance
* Standardizes technical terminology, resolving disagreements about definitions
* Includes listings and diagrams of new (or newly named) financial instruments
* Provides tutorial materials on financial engineering, derivatives, and fixed-income analytics
* Lists multiple meanings and cross-references

The Dictionary of Financial Engineering is the answer for finance professionals, investors, lawyers, accountants, students, finance professors, and others who are interested in understanding the current terminology.

John F. Marshall, Ph.D., is a principal of Marshall, Tucker & Associates, LLC, a New York-based financial engineering and derivatives consulting firm. Marshall was the founding executive director and a former board member of both the International Association of Financial Engineers and the Fischer Black Memorial Foundation. He is currently a member of the board of the International Securities Exchange. Marshall is the author of more than sixteen books on financial products and markets and the author of dozens of professional articles.