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Digital Code of Life: How Bioinformatics is Revolutionizing Science, Medicine, and Business


Praise for Digital Code of Life

"The man who wrote the best history yet of the open-source movement in Rebel Code gives us an equally lucid and penetrating look at bioinformatics. Well done!"
–Eric S. Raymond
Author of The Cathedral and the Bazaar

"This book provides a riveting account of the history of bioinformatics and of the manner in which bioinformatics has contributed to advancing our knowledge of the human genome. Glyn Moody has chronicled through reviews of key scientific papers and through interviews with leading scientists, the major developments in the field of genomics in the past half century, from the discovery of the double helix to the emergence of proteomics, pointing to their relevance to science, medicine, and industry and to the critical contributions of bioinformatics."
–Sam Hanash, University of Michigan
President of The Human Proteome Organisation

GLYN MOODY is the author of Rebel Code. His work following Linux and its creator Linus Torvalds has been highly acclaimed. Moody’s writings have appeared in numerous publications including Wired magazine, The Economist, New Scientist, Financial Times, The Guardian, and The Daily Telegraph.


Chapter 1: The Code of Life.

Chapter 2: Blast from the Past.

Chapter 3: Genome Delight.

Chapter 4: Speed Matters.

Chapter 5: Science versus Business.

Chapter 6: Showing the Data.

Chapter 7: A Very Different Animal.

Chapter 8: People’s Genes.

Chapter 9: Getting Personal.

Chapter 10: Free Expression.

Chapter 11: The Common Fold.

Chapter 12: The Promise of Proteomics.

Chapter 13: Sum of the Parts.

Chapter 14: Genomic Prescriptions.

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