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Discover the Upside of Down: Investment Strategies for Volatile Times


\"This excellent book shows you an investment strategy that you can use immediately to protect your assets, increase your returns, reduce your risk, and achieve more of your financial goals in any market than you may have ever thought possible. Get it, read it, build these ideas into all of your financial and investment thinking for the rest of your life."—Brian Tracy, author, Getting Rich Your Own Way

"Ron brings his high-energy trading style to this well-written, fast-moving book. His views are certain to raise a few eyebrows but he's never been one to line up with the establishment. He also keeps the arcane trading terminology to a minimum, which makes the book relevant to even the novice investor."—Guy Adami, Managing Director, Drakon Capital, CNBC's Fast Money

"In today's volatile investment climate, it's imperative for investors to understand the risk of reward. Ron's stylistic approach is a thought-provoking methodology throughout the process of price discovery."—Todd Harrison, founder and CEO, Minyanville Publishing and Multimedia, LLC

"After sixty combined years of being intimately involved in the financial industry, we thought we'd seen everything until we saw Ron's Lamson Grail timing indicator trading the S&P E-Mini in a live demonstration. To say that we were extremely impressed would be an understatement! Get an introduction to 'The Grail' in Chapter 12 of this book."—Robert Boshnack, Chairman, and Howard Rothman, President, Vision Financial Markets LLC

"I truly enjoyed this book. Any investor will save a hundred times the price of the book by learning without losing. Forty years in the investment business—with twenty on the floor of the exchange—has taught me a lot, but I still learned from Ron sharing his experiences."—Clyde Harrison, President, Brookshire Raw Materials Fund, and founding member, Beeland Management Co. LLC

"With an ease of expression, Ron has identified a number of important clues and benchmarks in this book to help investors deal with the complexities of today's tumultuous environment. Ron offers in-depth discussions of the lengthy period of stagflation we have just entered but, in his upbeat way, he is quick to point out that volatility, while scary, contains elements of both danger and opportunity. With the objectivity of a mentor, he shows readers how to profit from such opportunity, even in the most topsy-turvy world. I love this book."—Steve Shobin, former vice chairman and chief investment strategist, AmeriCap Advisers, LLC

"Ron is the real deal—a successful market veteran with decades of experience. This is an entertaining, insightful collection of ideas appropriate for both amateur and professional traders alike. From his '10 Iron Laws of Investing' to his prescient forecast of our current economic malaise, Ron has given some of the most useful and simple advice in print today."—Dan Ferris, Stansberry & Associates, Investment Research

RON COBY is a twenty-one-year industry veteran with a diverse background in securities. Starting on Wall Street in 1987, he has worked as a stockbroker, syndicate manager, investment banker, financial analyst and market strategist, venture capitalist, and currently as a hedge fund manager. A student of market history, Coby is passionate about his short side strategy—developed from an intense trial-and-error method of stupendous wins and disappointing losses while trading in wild bull and vicious bear markets. Currently, he is a partner in Coby Lamson Capital Management. Get to know Ron Coby and receive more information about this book by watching his video presentations at


Chapter 1: Bulls versus Bears, and the Winner Is . . . .

Chapter 2: Boomtown to Ghost Town.

Chapter 3: Today’s Dollar Is Worth Less, Tomorrow’s Dollar Could Be Worthless.

Chapter 4: Black Gold: Boom and Bust Profit Opportunities in Oil Stocks.

Chapter 5: Why Gold? The Proliferation of Paper Money Creation and Inflation.

Chapter 6: Nothing but Downside: The Road Ahead for Stocks, Bonds, and Real Estate?

Chapter 7: The Short Side: The Only Side to Make Money in a Bear Market.

Chapter 8: The Long Side of Your Portfolio and the Four Stages All Stocks Travel.

Chapter 9: Adventure Capital: Opportunities and Risks in Private Placements.

Chapter 10: How to Identify the Bottom from the Top.

Chapter 11: My Beat-Up Chevy and the 10 Iron Laws of Investing.

Chapter 12: Finding the Grail: The Chapter that Demanded to Be Written.

Epilogue: The Speed of Change.