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DIY Super For Dummies, 3rd Australian Edition


Learn to:

  • Set up and run your self-managed super fund
  • Create and monitor your SMSF investment portfolio
  • Generate and run a pension from your super fund
  • Plan for a tax-free retirement

Taking control of your super is easier than you think

Everyone wants to create a comfortable retirement, but navigating the ever-changing superannuation rules is enough to make anyone’s head spin. Luckily, DIY Super For Dummies, 3rd Australian Edition, is packed with everything you need to confidently set up and manage your own self-managed super fund. Get your super working for you with this essential guide.

  • Sort out your super needs — decide if DIY super is right for you, understand how super works, and figure out your retirement target and how to make it happen
  • Your DIY super start-up kit — navigate the steps to SMSF start-up, including becoming the boss of your super
  • It’s your super money — create an investment strategy and portfolio for your SMSF that creates wealth for your retirement
  • Be a retirement superstar — enjoy tax-free super benefits and pay no tax on your investment earnings
  • Make the right super decisions — develop a hassle-free plan for your financial future by being well-informed about your SMSF

Open the book and find:

  • Tips to work out how much money you need for a comfortable retirement
  • Where to get the right DIY super information
  • How to set up and successfully run a SMSF
  • Guidance on making super contributions
  • Super’s special investment rules you need to know
  • Help with paying a tax-free pension from your super fund
  • How your SMSF can help you look after your family

Trish Power is an author, journalist and expert communicator. She is co-founder of, an independent and free website on superannuation.

Introduction 1

Part I: Taking Control of Your Super 7

Chapter 1: Is DIY Super Right for You? 9

Chapter 2: Understanding How Super Works 25

Chapter 3: How Much Super Is Enough? 45

Chapter 4: Counting On Super Contributions of All Sorts 57

Chapter 5: Getting the Right DIY Super Advice 79

Part II: Setting Up a DIY Super Fund 91

Chapter 6: How Much Does a SMSF Cost? 93

Chapter 7: Simple Steps to SMSF Start-Up 103

Chapter 8: Individual Trustees versus Corporate Trustee 117

Chapter 9: Trustee Declarations and Other Promises 127

Part III: Running Your Self-Managed Super Fund 139

Chapter 10: Finding a Fund Administrator, or Not 141

Chapter 11: Do the Right Thing -- Compliance 149

Chapter 12: Act Like You’re the Boss -- Reporting 159

Chapter 13: It’s Always Tax Time 169

Part IV: Investing Your DIY Super Money 181

Chapter 14: Exploring the World of Super Investing 183

Chapter 15: Super’s Special Investment Rules 197

Chapter 16: Borrowing and DIY Super 213

Chapter 17: Investing in Property 223

Chapter 18: Investing and Super Tax 235

Part V: Paying Super Benefits from Your Fund 243

Chapter 19: Retiring is Just the Beginning 245

Chapter 20: Your Super and the Age Pension 259

Chapter 21: Running a DIY Super Pension 271

Chapter 22: Making Contributions while Taking a Pension 285

Chapter 23: Divorce and Your SMSF 293

Chapter 24: Looking After Your Family 299

Part VI: The Part of Tens 313

Chapter 25: Ten Special Features of DIY Super 315

Chapter 26: Ten Commandments of DIY Super 321

Part VII: Appendixes 329

Appendix A: SMSF Compliance and Administration Checklist 331

Appendix B: Handy Super Resources and ATO Publications 335

Index 343