Dynamic Asset Allocation: Modern Portfolio Theory Updated for the Smart Investor


Today’s modern portfolio theory is not your father’s MPT. It has undergone many changes in the past fifty years. Indeed, a new understanding of MPT has emerged, one that has a significant impact on managing asset allocation--especially in today’s turbulent markets. Dynamic Asset Allocation interprets and integrates the developments in modern portfolio theory: from the efficient-market hypothesis and indexing of decades past to strategies for building winning portfolios today. The book is filled with practical, hands-on advice for investors, including guidance on approaching investment as a risk-management task.

James Picerno is a financial journalist who has been writing about finance and investment theory for more than twenty years. He currently contributes to trade magazines for financial professionals and financial advisers, edits The Beta Investment Report, and writes the finance blog, the Capital Spectator. He has written for Barron’s, Investment Advisor, Mutual Funds, and Bloomberg Markets.


1 In the Beginning.

2 Inventing Portfolio Theory.

3 Other Betas.

4 Rethinking Random Walks and Efficient Markets.

5 The Market Portfolio Is the Benchmark.

6 Rebalancing.

7 Tactical Asset Allocation.

8 Customizing Asset Allocation.

9 Equilibrium, Economics, and Estimates.

10 What Have We Learned After Fifty Years?